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To not be jumping for joy that DP wants to

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Kimi Sat 11-Oct-08 16:06:03

Watch the grand prix at 4.30am tomorrow morning...on the bedroom TV hmm

MeMySonAndI Sat 11-Oct-08 16:06:58

Book yourself for the night in a spa hotel. That would even things out...

AnAngelWithin Sat 11-Oct-08 16:07:35

make him sleep on the sofa tonight so he is ready for it downstairs grin

Kimi Sat 11-Oct-08 16:08:15

Nice plane but bit late for that. grin

solidgoldskullonastick Sat 11-Oct-08 16:09:31

Why can't he watch it somewhere else in the house?

Kimi Sat 11-Oct-08 16:10:54

He could watch it in the huge HD plasma screen in the living room, but that would mean getting out of a warm snug bed and going downstairs to a cold sofa...poor diddums

TheInvisibleManDidIt Sat 11-Oct-08 16:14:40

Has he got/can he get some headphones for tv?

Either that or give him a spare duvet and tell him if he sleeps on sofa tonight he won't have to get up to watch it.

(anad btw thanks for reminding me it was on...would have slept through it and be p'd off later on grin)

Kimi Sat 11-Oct-08 16:15:55

No head phones....
I like the F1, I am glad Lewis has pole, I want to watch it....BUT NOT AT 4.30am

kerryk Sat 11-Oct-08 16:24:44

is sky plus not a option?

kerryk Sat 11-Oct-08 16:25:29

and why have i got no plus symbol on my keyboard hmm

MOrticiaAdams Sat 11-Oct-08 16:35:07

Should be next to the backspace, Kerry!

Make him sleep on the sofa!

AbbaFan Sat 11-Oct-08 16:48:00

another vote for the sofa.

kerryk Sat 11-Oct-08 16:49:20

aahhh yes thank you +++++++++

dittany Sat 11-Oct-08 16:50:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Liffey Sat 11-Oct-08 16:53:08

yeah that noise, neeeeeeeeeeeeooooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrraa over and over again at 4.30 am ?! Is he kidding!

dilemma456 Sat 11-Oct-08 17:24:45

Message withdrawn

TheHedgeWitch Sat 11-Oct-08 18:00:00

Message withdrawn

exasperatedmummy Sat 11-Oct-08 18:33:45

No, no and thrice NO, unless you can take up the option of the posh hotel Who would want to watch cars go round and round at the best of times.

exasperatedmummy Sat 11-Oct-08 18:35:05

You do realise that if you relent, he will be unable to get back to sleep and be wanting sex in the early hours of the morning. Definately a sofa job wink

Kimi Sun 12-Oct-08 12:42:22

hee hee, he overslept and had to watch the recording, that had missed the first half hour.

Lewis Hamilton was a total twit

AbbeyA Sun 12-Oct-08 12:57:56

Another good reason for never having TVs in bedrooms!

Janos Sun 12-Oct-08 13:31:51

YANBU! tell him to get up and watch it elsewhere.

Who on EARTH would eant to get up at 4.30am anyway to wtach a TV programme? I'm quite shock at that anyway.

Janos Sun 12-Oct-08 13:32:42

Ahem..eant = "he want "

Aren't people odd!

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