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to be really cross with DH for thinking about getting a kitten.

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DevilishDisasterArea Sat 11-Oct-08 09:11:04

we have 2 cats. and a dog. DD1 has been promised a puppy if and when my sisters dog ever reproduces. am hoping this is later rather than sooner.
DH has been hinting he'd like a kitten for a while and announced yesterday that the family vote was a yes. of bloody courset is a yes. ask any child if they would like a new kitten nd of course they'll say bloody yes. nob.
anyway. i have no objections to a kitten except that i cannot bear thought of it being squashed. existing 2 have both been hit by cars, despite us not living on a busy road. just can't handle death and mutilation of smallfurry animals at all.
so now i'm the bad guy for saying no. and they're all sulking and keep suggesting names or alternatives, like rabbits, snails and alpacas.

exasperatedmummy Sat 11-Oct-08 09:52:01

well at least you can't squash an alpaca that easily!

If your fear of the kitten getting hurt is the only thing htat is stopping you then YABU. BUT do you really need that many animals? I guess one extra cat wont be much trouble will it?

Snails are a good alternative, although they will leave trails all over your carpet. Maybe actually go for a rabbit under the strict condition that you will not be cleaning the hutch.

hatwoman Sat 11-Oct-08 09:53:30

alpacas are gorgeous but gob-smackingly expensive. four figures.

hatwoman Sat 11-Oct-08 09:55:25


hatwoman Sat 11-Oct-08 09:55:52


exasperatedmummy Sat 11-Oct-08 09:57:54

Tell me about it hatwoman shock. My DP once got this crazy idea that we could buy some land (without planning permission so relatively cheap). Stick some animals on it that need constant care, then, so he thinks, you can build a temp dwelling, then after five years apply for planning and build a property - I actually know someone who did this, but that was for a ligitimate business so far as i am aware. But anyway, we got to chattig about what we would keep - most livestock can be left, but I thought alpaca's might be the way to go - smaller and cheaper than horses - yeah right, until i did the research! I was gobsmacked. I do still have little day dreams about breeding alpaca's and selling the wool but it aint gonna happen in this lifetime

Apparently they can be pretty stroppy too.

hatwoman Sat 11-Oct-08 09:59:18

in answer to your question yanbu to expect your dh not to announce things without talking to your first. especially things to do with animals that the kids will leap on and will be very difficult to extricate yourselves from. re the kitten - we lost one to a car but succesfully kept 2 until they were 14 and 20 (on a busy road) and have now got a two year old. You've been unlucky to loose two and it is awful - but are there are steps you can take to stop them roaming so much/.

misshardbroom Sat 11-Oct-08 10:31:43

call his bluff and say you're up for getting an alpaca. He'll wish he never mentioned a pet.

hatwoman Sat 11-Oct-08 10:52:45

hmm those links don't work. click on baby pics and then on stock. should you care...

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