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to farking detest that hideous sexist sainsburys advert?

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freespiritfreedom Fri 10-Oct-08 10:19:33

is that all woman have to look forward to, working in saainsburys?
and its the woman that is doing everything for the family.

Monkeytrousers Fri 17-Oct-08 17:58:02

Wots all this about?

Monkeytrousers Fri 17-Oct-08 18:06:10

I can see why some might think it's sexist. but it isn't. Offensive to some maybe - and that's a different issue - but not sexist

Monkeytrousers Fri 17-Oct-08 18:10:30

Sainsbury's are going to be doing a Bridget Jones type ad soon. He names Claudia and she's a plump foodie writer

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