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to be ridiculously pleased that...

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seeker Fri 10-Oct-08 08:28:59

...Nicky Campbell just read out my joke on Radio 5 Breakfast,but to be really disappointed that Shelagh Fogarty didn't think it was funny?

sockmonkey Fri 10-Oct-08 08:34:06

What was the joke? well done on getting it on the radio!

VinegARGHHHTits Fri 10-Oct-08 08:37:05

what was the joke?

mylittlepudding Fri 10-Oct-08 09:57:48

Do tell us more!

LouMacca Fri 10-Oct-08 10:02:57

i always listen to NC & SF in the morning! What was your joke??

seeker Fri 10-Oct-08 10:18:10

What's black and white, carries a Kalashnicov and has a Number 8 on its back?

<I didn't say it was a good joke.......!>

LouMacca Fri 10-Oct-08 10:26:19

OK tell us, what is black and white, carries a kalashnicov and has a number 8 on its back?

Troutpout Fri 10-Oct-08 10:31:52

Oh i don't know
What is black and white, carries a Kalashnicov and has a Number 8 on its back?

loobeylou Fri 10-Oct-08 10:33:42

tell us!!!!!!!!!!!!

seeker Fri 10-Oct-08 10:37:01

A right wing military coo!

<seeker hastily leaves the country>

LouMacca Fri 10-Oct-08 10:40:33

And Shelagh didn't laugh at that?!

VinegARGHHHTits Fri 10-Oct-08 10:41:31

I dont get it [thick]

Gloria42 Fri 10-Oct-08 10:49:45

I heard that one - thought it was hilarious!!

mayorquimby Fri 10-Oct-08 10:53:29

that is shocking.

seeker Fri 10-Oct-08 11:18:02

No she didn't - she said it was too complicated to be funny. You can go off people!

LouMacca Fri 10-Oct-08 11:23:48

Shelagh Fogarty has the most amazing voice! On a par with Fiona Bruce and Mariella Frostup.

But thats a whole new thread.

Well done on getting on the radio smile

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