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to not realy want to go on holiday with my children?

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HRHSaintMamazon Wed 08-Oct-08 21:18:08

Well of course i want to go on holiday with them, but just not on my own.

I know that they are going to be hard work during the day and then once they are in bed i am going to be bored silly all on my own.

We were given holiday vouchers and i intended to put them towards a weekend in Euro Disney but it turns out that it would only cost £500 more to go for 2 weeks in Disney Florida.

It would be amazing to take them there as i never believed i would be able to. but the idea of spending 14 days alone in another cuntry with no one else is actually puttn gme off.

Ecmo Wed 08-Oct-08 21:18:54

I'll come! grin

Anna8888 Wed 08-Oct-08 21:21:31

I'd go to Euro Disney and save £500 personally.

<shudders at idea of two weeks alone with children in Florida>

TotalChaos Wed 08-Oct-08 21:22:11

Do Eurodisney. Wouldn't fancy doing the flights on my own with the kids.

Hulababy Wed 08-Oct-08 21:23:09

During the day they will be busy and occupied, and excited and have fun. By night time they will be exhausted and sleep. Well, that was our experience of Disney.

Hassled Wed 08-Oct-08 21:23:58

Agree with everyone else - the flight alone would be horrific. Go to EuroDisney, have a great time and spend the money you save on Christmas, or something.

cheesesarnie Wed 08-Oct-08 21:25:54

go to euro disney and use the £500 as spending money!

HRHSaintMamazon Wed 08-Oct-08 21:36:35

Im so glad im not alone. i was feeling realy guilty about it.

It would seem so much more sensible and better value to go to Florida but i just dont think i could cope with teh boredom of it.
which makes me feel really bad as it means thatthey are going to miss out.
Of course they arent' because they don't even know anything about it and they are still going to euro so would be thrilled with that.

think im just have a crap mummy wobble.

But according to Thomas cook (thats who teh vouchers are with) me and 2 kids aged 4+8 is going to cost a grand for 2 nights in EuroDisney!!! stunned at how expensive it is

loobeylou Wed 08-Oct-08 21:43:00

do eurodisney, save money, and be closer to home should anything go wrong with you or one of the kids

friend of ours had to leave wife and DS1 in spain this yr after DS1 was taken ill on hols. had there only been one adult who would have looked after other kiddie?

agree flight alone would be dire

they will have great time whichever you pick!

Cadelaide Wed 08-Oct-08 21:45:49

They won't miss out. You'll be taking them to Eurodisney, after all.

That's something my lot are never going to see. (well, unless they want to fund it themelves when they're older).

elmoandella Wed 08-Oct-08 21:57:40

eurodisney. you will be so shattered at end of every day you fall into bed like a zombie. 2 weeks on your own in florida is a no go. specially with flight involved.

oh and BTW you will need £500 just to eat in eurodisney. it's uber expensive.i.e a meal in most restaurants is 20 euro just for main course

changingsoon Wed 08-Oct-08 22:02:09

how very odd. i go away every year with my 2 dc. always have. dh does diy and then we do another all 5 of us. never had any probs.

cheesesarnie Wed 08-Oct-08 22:09:29


itgetseasier Wed 08-Oct-08 22:19:35

I can understand that America is a trek with 2 kids (especially on your own). But, how about booking something closer to home for less time? Eurodisney is brilliant and the flight is

benbon Thu 09-Oct-08 09:30:53

dont you have somebody that could go with you?
euro disney is rediculously expensive once your there. my husband and i went and it cost a £1000 to go and we probably spent that again once we were there. you cant get an evening meal cheaper then about 100 euros.

you would be much better going to america..

muggglewump Thu 09-Oct-08 09:35:44

Will the vouchers keep until they are older, or do they expire?

Pimmpom Thu 09-Oct-08 10:26:37

HRH - does it have to be Disney? Personally, if I wanted an easy holiday with the children, I would use the TC vouchers on 7 days at Port Aventura in Spain staying in one of the theme park hotels (P. Aventura, El Paso or Caribe Hotel) Spending the days at the Theme park, water park or hotel pool. They are half board.

Forgotten what it is like to have a 4 and 8 year old, so maybe only disney will do wink

NineYearsOfNappies Thu 09-Oct-08 16:16:17

Ah do Florida, it's beautiful, it's warm, it's friendly. Busy busy busy all day long then shove the children into bed and you'll have hundreds of tv channels to browse at night - or alternatively pack the laptop since most hotel rooms have internet access now.

If you really don't want to do it alone do you have a friend who you could ask to come?

herbietea Thu 09-Oct-08 16:23:10

Message withdrawn

joshhollowayspieceofass Thu 09-Oct-08 16:23:50

I'd say don't do Florida - it IS great, and we've done it two years in a row, BUT first year we only had DD, second year we had DS too, and both times there were 3 adults (me, DH and my mum) and somehow we were STILL exhausted. The flight, the car journey. Just the getting them ready for the beach, packing up everything, getting down there, showering them, cooking etc etc.

I mean, its FABULOUS and the best place every for a family holiday, but definitely only go that far if you can rope in another adult. The jet lag also played havoc with the little un - but maybe your Dc's are older so it won't be such hell!

Hope you have a lovely holiday wherever you decide on. smile

FlirtyThirty Thu 09-Oct-08 16:24:02

Go to Florida! No question.
Take yourself some good books and look forward to an adventure with your family!
You will likely get chatting to people whilst you are there anyway....or is there anyone (a friend?) who would like to go with you for company?

tiredemma Thu 09-Oct-08 16:38:51

I would do Florida in a shot.

HRHSaintMamazon Thu 09-Oct-08 21:09:24

all my other friends are couples and wouldn't be able to afford it.

I think that florida would be better value TBH.

the vouchers don't have an expiry date so I could just save up for a couple of years..but I've not taken teh children away since leaving their dad 4 years ago.

I had thought of Port Aventura, i thought i would be more likely to find another adult to chat to as well, but im wondering what the parks are like. Ds isn't really too fond of the big scarey rides and DD would be too small. is there a decent amount for smaller children to do?

I am kind of looking forward to it just being the three of us and no stress but at the same time dreading it.
I bloody hate being single at times.

Leslaki Thu 09-Oct-08 21:24:32

I did my first holiday this year with my dcs aas a single mum and it was fantastic! I thought it would be really stressful but in reality it was less as I didn't have to factor in xh's wants/needs etc etc. Florida will be fine - your DCs can use DS's or dvd players on the flight - there will be flight attendants there to help you. I was dreading it (OK it was just 2 hours - not a transatlantic flight) but the kids were fine, even when dd threw up!!! I explained to the kids (6 and 5) that this holiday would be slightly different, they would ahve to help me with luggage etc (ie trundle their own little cases) etc etc and they were great. I would go for Florida - Eurodisney is great but it is a rip off in so many ways. Florida is fantastic and if you stay in a hotel you will prob meet people, esp if you stay in one with a free bus to Dsney you will chat to other families in the queue! In the evenings you might be too knackered to care but you will probably be able to meet up with people you met during the daytime - even round the pool etc. I took loads of books with me this year as I thought I would be Billy no mates every evening but met loads of people! You will have a great time but make sure you factor in the cost of disney tickets etc as they are mega expensive! A few 'rest' days chilling round the pool will help with the exhausting days round the parks. Enjoy those vouchers and go for what holiday you want! You can do it!!!

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