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to send 13 year old neighbour away with a flea in his ear!!!!

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macdoodle Wed 08-Oct-08 19:24:27

Quiet cul de sac - kids all play out after school - group of girls including my DD1 age 6/7 generally get on with usual bickering - us mums tend to stay out and let them sort it out themselves!
One little girl TBH does tend to stir a bit and wind the others up, favours one over the other (varies who is flavour of the day) and can screech to high heaven - if I am honest I don't particularly like her mum I find her a bit odd and she has been a bit mean (the mum shock) to my DD1 - DD1 bit wise and won't go in her house to play..
Anyway DD1 comes in this evening and tells me they had a bit of an argument and K (the other girl) was cying - doesn't sound major to me and I kinda poo poo it and tell her to sort it out themselves - she also says that K's elder brother age 13 threw a ball at her (again I poo poo it as part of street life)..
10 mins later doorbell rings (angry as kids know NOT to ring my bell this time of night as DD2 age 9 months will be in bed)..
At door is 13 year old brother above who says he wants to talk to me about my DD1 and his sister K - am totally shocked and say that if there is a problem tell his mum to come over but am not discussing my DD1 with a 13 year old boy shock
He continues to push it and says she was mean to K and kicked him shock am even more gobsmacked as my DD1 is not the violent type at all have never known her to kick or lash out (she is more the type for verbal lashing out IYKWIM).......I became quite angry at this stage and told him he should not be getting involved between 2 little girls (I know K can tell stories and this boy has been mean to my DD1 before) and I was not going to stand at my door and talk to a child and to get his mum - he then huffed at me and turned away muttering under his breath...
Am really quite angry - us mums really try to let the girsl sort it out themselves and it almost always blows over with no fall out and we then son't fall out with each other - he really had no right to get involved....or to come and talk to me ...or AIBU????

Sanctuary Wed 08-Oct-08 19:28:45

Good for you macdoodle

I would never of dared do that when 13
it was between the girls

what cheeky little ratbag angry

ShyBaby Wed 08-Oct-08 19:41:07

Leave them to it is right most of the time.

We have a (not so little anymore thinking about it, probably was about 10/11 when this happened) girl who occasionally plays out in the street and she is nasty. I've watched her chasing the other kids with sticks, throwing things at them etc and ive always just told ds to keep away from her because if he were to retaliate she would go sobbing to Mummy about the "awful boys". She's a proper princess, you can hear her screaming and stamping her feet with the windows closed.

Only time I was willing to intervene was the day she came up to my two year old dd and screamed right in her face that she hated her (because her friend had picked dd up and was giving her attention). She didnt even care that I was right there watching (obviously not going to let a two year old out on her own). I was furious. Took all my control not to say something that time!

J2O Wed 08-Oct-08 19:42:11

speak to the mother, but i suppose it'll be more regarding the 13 yo, the girls'll have forgotten about it tomorrow!

soultaken Wed 08-Oct-08 19:43:02

You did the right thing.

J2O Wed 08-Oct-08 19:43:30

shybaby doubleshock

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