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AIBU to want to leave home without being a gibbering wreck on a Monday morning?

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BlueBumedFly Mon 06-Oct-08 13:33:33

I hate Mondays! I think I just need to vent!

Today was pretty typical. DH CANNOT and I mean CANNOT get up quietly... which means he wakes DD3 who I like to keep asleep as long as possible while I get up and showered and changed and attempt to do something with my hair and make-up so I can concentrate on the kids mornings knowing I am ready to go. But nope, he just cannot do it... picture the scene...

6.50, BBF has been creeping around the house for 20 mins to get eveything done, no mean feet as we live in a very old creaky house, next thing I know DH is up and loud and DD3 wakes up crying, a sure sign she has been woken and was not ready to wake up. Grab DD3 who clings to my hip like a limpit and burys her (snotty) head in my shoulder.... see BBF changing clothes.

7.00am DD2 and DD1 finally get their bums out of bed, DD2 announces she has school photo today and as she went to bed with wet hair last night now looks like a scarecrow and could I do anything about it... the polite answer was no. DD1 hogs shower much to the annoyance of DH who is now in yell-mode.

7.20am DD3 wants to brush her teeth with her sisters but hits a sore teething spot and crumples into tears, in my shoulder with a mouthful of toothpaste... see BBF changing clothes.. again.

7.30am DD2 & 1 decide due to the recent chilly snap it would be lovely to have a hot packed lunch.... see BBF trolling through the fridge for the remainder of last night's chilli. DD2 announces she did not really like the chilli so I politely suggest she might grow to like it I stuff the flask in her over-full school bag taking out house bricks and the make up bag she was secretly hoping to get past me for the school photo. Much yelling ensues.

DD3 now crying full time and DH tips up an entire pack of Cornflakes. DD1 treads all over said cornflakes then flips out as she does not like ANY OTHER CEREAL.

7.55am See BBF throwing DD2&1 out of the door for school and DD3 in the car for the Nursery run. Notice DD3 is dressed in red trousers and a pink stripy top....realise I should have left out clothes for DH to dress her in instead of trust his judgement.

Eventually leave Nursery after many 'extra' hugs, get into the car and change the Disney tape that plays on a loop for Radio 1. Look down and notice DD3 has left snot on my suit trousers....

Get to work and remember I have a physio appointment and the guy is eye candy and I am SO not wearing my best undies - bugger!

I hate Mondays!!!

DaphneMoon Mon 06-Oct-08 13:43:21

LOL, sorry I know I shouldn't but some of it is very funny. Actually you have made me feel a whole lot better as it has made my morning look quite calm in comparison.

Never mind tomorrow's Tuesday! You can do it all over again grin

PS Get your DH to read your post, he might understand what you go through in the morning!

BlueBumedFly Mon 06-Oct-08 13:45:30

Tuesday.... ahhh, the pleasure of carrying musical instruments to school....

33k Mon 06-Oct-08 13:45:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

DaphneMoon Mon 06-Oct-08 13:54:01

Oh bless you 33k I feel for you.

TheDevilWearsPrimark Mon 06-Oct-08 13:54:27

The secret is to do your hair and makeup but stay in your pj's until the very last minute.

And don't pander to demands for hot food etc, give em what you've already prepared.

OrmIrian Mon 06-Oct-08 13:56:18

Aghhh.... mornings!

I have nothing comforting or constructive to offer. Sorry. They just have to be endured.

colacubes Mon 06-Oct-08 13:57:44

I hate mornings, nowt but trouble, every day is a chaotic mess!

chipmonkey Mon 06-Oct-08 13:57:54

BBF, get a light dressing gown and put it on over your work clothes. Then dd3 can snot away, you just throw off the dressing gown before you leave the house.

BlueBumedFly Mon 06-Oct-08 14:54:20

TDWP/chipmonkey - LOL! What a great idea! But knowing me I would forget and leave the house in my PJs!

chipmonkey Mon 06-Oct-08 16:57:04

But if you did the dressing gown over your work clothes, then that would be OK, because even if you left the house in your dressing gown, it would be just a matter of whipping it off and there you are, dressed to the nines underneath. Mind you, it wouldn't really create the best first impression!grin

BlueBumedFly Tue 07-Oct-08 08:58:59

Thanks chipmonkey, tried it this morning and only got through one set of clothes! The bit I did not read was 'get a light weight dressing gown'.... wore my snuggly buggly white fluffy DKNY dressing gown which left white fluff all over my black suit, however, have just celetoped myself all over and voila! The girls at Nursery did think it was slightly strange that I was doing a good impression of a polar bear but heay ho, I pay them enough to not care about my attire!

chipmonkey Tue 07-Oct-08 11:47:02

envy at DKNY dressing gown!
BTW, that tip about the dressing gown was from another MNer, so I'm not taking credit for it. Think it may have been WWW?

BlueBumedFly Tue 07-Oct-08 12:33:30

Ah-ha, then thank you WWW!

I know, DKNY, a pressie from my in-laws the first Xmas they knew me, just get vouchers now which are always handy eh?

33k Tue 07-Oct-08 12:39:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BlueBumedFly Tue 07-Oct-08 12:42:21

33k - LOL at Hugh Heffner comment! Hee hee, at least you arrived at work snot free!!

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