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to feel stroppy for having had such a cr@p afternoon.

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pamelat Fri 03-Oct-08 19:07:45

DD 8 months

I am on maternity leave for a year

I plan my whole week around DD, doing things to entertain her (even if its just being on the park or visiting people with pets or other children)

Today we had done the park, done the library, visited said friends. 4pm - fancied nipping in to town for an hour (feel fat and frumpy in all of my clothes and wanted to buy new underwear or at least something)

DD refused point blank to sit in her pram (despite the toys etc I had brought along to sit in there with her, even despite the baby biscuits I gave her!)

I spent an hour of hell walking a good mile carrying a grumpy child. I have blisters on my hands (no idea why though?!) and feel worn out, disillusioned and rather depressed.

SO ... on picking DH up from work, I cried!! Now I appreciate nothing drasic had happened but I just felt frazzled (rush hour traffic too).

Now that I am home and DD in bed, am starting to relax but know DH thinks I have been a bit unreasonable. Nothing to row about but something in the air as I dont think that DD and I were the picture of harmony that most people would like to come home to!

So am I unreasonable to want to go and lie down in a dark room and just banish anyone from being around me for the next 24 hours!?

Cant do that though as DH out playing sport in the afternoon tmrw (not an issue in itself) but I have an open uni exam to revise for in 10 days time, eeeekkk. Arggghhh

Shall I just drink wine?

LynetteScavo Fri 03-Oct-08 19:11:59

You have got to 8 months and only just feel like this?

Well done!

<<passes a big glass of wine>>

Oh, adn your DH is unreasonable to think you are being unreasonable (IFSWIM)

pamelat Fri 03-Oct-08 19:14:09

Thanks, I admit have felt like it many times but not for a while, I thought it was getting easier - yeah right!

See DH would have refused to carry her for that long (whilst pushing the pram and navigating around people walking in to me!) but I dont like to hear the screaming, and it is full on screaming!

hotbot Fri 03-Oct-08 19:55:22

sorry , been there , done that, welcome to the club

J2O Fri 03-Oct-08 20:17:22

awww poor you, thats the kind of day i had with dd2, nearly 1 year, she just did not want to be in her pram today, then dp came to meet me in the shopping centre, and I discover that he was so excited about being able to park in the parent and child bay (he doesn't normally go shopping with lo) that he accidently parked in a disabled bay instead, and so hit with a £70 fine. grr at stroppy babies and grr at silly men! oh and grr that i didn't get to buy any new clothes with my 40% off voucher at Peacocks too!!

cathcat Fri 03-Oct-08 20:27:26

Sounds like your day is kind of full, I think you need to slow down a bit. I feel a bit exhausted thinking about going to the park, visit friends, go to library, going shopping and then driving in rush hour and revising for an exam... so yes drink wine and conserve your energy!
Good luck in exam btw.

elkiedee Fri 03-Oct-08 20:34:42

I'm back at work now but everyone's had dreadful days on maternity leave. I had times that I just didn't know how I was going to get through.

I don't think ds ever got stroppy about being in his pram/pushchair though - I'd have been totally panicked and distraught if he had as I took him out so much, anything rather than sit at home!

Can your DH take on looking after baby on Sunday while you have a break?

That aside, you have my sympathy for what it's worth.

pamelat Fri 03-Oct-08 20:45:43

I'm on antibiotics (have tonsillitis but feeling ok now) going to have one glass of plonk.

I keep my days busy as DD hates to be sat in. She never used to sleep until about 5 months old so I was always out walking, I suppose she got used to that. She sleeps in her cot now, even during the day!

I would love to have a day in with her but she gets very bored, or at least seems to?

Had chat with DH (another one, we always seem to be having them at the moment) and he has promised me from 9am until noon all to myself tomorrow, he is wonderful!!! I hope it doesnt rain as they probably wont go anywhere, is that awful to actually want them to just go out!!

3 hours, oohhh what will I do? Oh .. revise!

cornsilk Fri 03-Oct-08 20:47:05

drinking wine (and mumsnetting) a very good idea.

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