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to want to shave my legs and have a nice long bath ffs!!!!!

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lilysmummy2007 Sat 27-Sep-08 20:42:39

yesterday dp said my legs look like a gorilla!!! so i went of on one, i was really pissed off as i dont even have time to have a decent shower as my dd is now walking around and for the past couple weeks she has been really clingy so have been having really quick showers etc and not had time to shave/wax. dp works nights, so sleeps almost all day, get up, eats, showers, spends almost no time with me or dd, and then its off to work again. so when exactly do i get time to shave!! he used to help me on weekends but he has been getting lazier and everytime i ask him to do something or look after dd for a while for me to have a break he says 'im at work all night, im tired'. so does that mean i dont work?? looking after dd is hard work, i dont know how some of you ladies manage more than one! i would just love him to look after her for a couple of hours for me to have some me time, and i mean properly, not sit in front the tele with her squealing to play on the floor.he also insists on sleeping for almost 10 flippin hours a day which is insane as he works 10 hour shifts so that leaves 4 hours to do everything else, ok rant over

onepieceoflollipop Sat 27-Sep-08 20:53:57

Don't ask him to "look after dd for a while". Presumably he doesn't have to ask you to look after her when he is working/sleeping/busy.

You need to try and have a proper conversation with him, if he doesn't respect you enough to do that then I personally would be very worried.

The shaving is the least of your problems imo. Sorry if that sounds harsh.

Whoopee Sat 27-Sep-08 21:40:08

I hate having hairy legs!! I didn't get the chance to have mine waxed again until my daughter was five months old. I couldn't stand it. I got a friend to sit in a nearby cafe with my daughter, bought her a coffee and a piece of cake, then nipped across the road to the salon and got them done. I was back in fifteen minutes.

(I warned my waxer it had been nearly half a year. When I showed her my legs she said "Oooh! Aren't they LOVELY. Some people come in here with hardly any leg hair and I can't tell what I'm supposed to be doing!" She's ace.)

Does your partner work weekends too? Mine works during the day, but he has less than four hours for "everything else" - he's up at 7AM, home at 7PM and in bed at 10PM. We don't have a lot of family time during the week and he doesn't take any time off to do "him" things. Sometimes, though, one of us will go out alone with the baby on Saturday or Sunday and leave the other to chill out for a few hours alone. It keeps us both sane.

lilysmummy2007 Sat 27-Sep-08 22:37:20

hi whoopee he does one weekend off one on but we usually have plans for the weekends off. this is driving me up a wall!!

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