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to not want industrial style fireworks in my tiny garden whan we have 12 kids and complete chaos...

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hatwoman Sat 27-Sep-08 11:22:40

what is it with men and fecking fireworks? we're having a party tonight. a friend has had a load of fireworks delivered. very kind. but imo misguided. net result is that I have a hideous feeling of butterflies and doom in my stomach taht will not go away until the fecking things are over and we still have 12 uninjured (but probably stressed and crying) kids. I said I didn;t want them. dh said he did. aibu to not want this extra hassle and stress? not to mention sodding risk of serious injury.

SoupDragon Sat 27-Sep-08 11:23:40

Keep the kids indoors.

UnfortunatelyMe Sat 27-Sep-08 11:25:49

YANBU, I really dont like kids and fireworks in back gardens.

hatwoman Sat 27-Sep-08 11:29:18

I agree. but I don;t really want to take responsibility for all 12 kids, (seeing as I have the small matter of dinner for 30 to attend to) but on the other hand it's my house so I kind of do feel responsible. and maybe this is lurking into paranoia but I always have visions of a firework hitting a window scattering broken glass over assembled children...

noonki Sat 27-Sep-08 11:30:54

we had to take cover last year coz one of the rockets didn't take off but went around our friends back garden. All the kids had to hide under a table and two adults got mildly burnt it was hell

I HATE fireworks in back gardens - I am going to set up a ban fireworks political party - official displays only please.

falcon Sat 27-Sep-08 11:33:57

YANBU. They should be restricted to official displays only.

vjg13 Sat 27-Sep-08 11:52:39

It's too easy to get really big display type fireworks now. All the supermarkets have them. People buy them and then are setting them off in totally inappropriately sized gardens.

kazbeth Sat 27-Sep-08 13:27:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TheHedgeWitch Sat 27-Sep-08 13:50:15

Message withdrawn

Spidermama Sat 27-Sep-08 13:51:54

YANBU. I hate noisy fireworks. I love pretty sparkly ones, but the noisy bangers should be restricted to public displays or banned altogether.

QuietWitch Sat 27-Sep-08 13:53:51

ive found this
firework law

TheHedgeWitch Sat 27-Sep-08 14:05:38

Message withdrawn

QuietWitch Sat 27-Sep-08 14:08:18

classification of fireworks

hatwoman Sat 27-Sep-08 14:38:21

I used the term loosely. I just mean the huge great things that you can now get from specialist firework dealers

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