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To think people should actually ring up work when sick?

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LadyOfWaffle Sat 27-Sep-08 10:11:23

Just having a moan, DH was working 12 hours last night and due to be relieved at 6.30 am. No one turned up and when he finally got hold of the guy his wife answered and said he was hungover ill and she couldn't find his work number hmm Now he cannot find anyone else so has to stay on... but is supposed to be working again tonight!

nametaken Sat 27-Sep-08 10:12:54

YANBU - people should ring in when they are sick.

Even more annoying are grown ups who get their mums or partners to ring in on their behalf!!!!!!!!!! What's all that about.

overthemill Sat 27-Sep-08 10:14:43

if you don't most places are most pissed off

LadyOfWaffle Sat 27-Sep-08 10:14:58

Last week another guys wife rung up, it's quite childish! He was in 'hospital with appendicitus (sp)'... back at work next day though!

nametaken Sat 27-Sep-08 10:17:59

Once, my childminder couldn't look after my dd because she was ill so instead of ringing me and telling me, she rang her mum, who rang me and told me.

I mean, your mum for God's sake!!!!! That's for schoolchildren surely !!!!!!!!!!!!

TheGreatScootini Sat 27-Sep-08 10:18:27

I had arranged to meet one of my night staff at work a week or so back.I had arranged child care and stayed on after my normal work day finished at 4pm till 9.30pm to see her, so she wouldnt have to come in in the day.She phoned one of the other night staff to say she wasnt coming in at 9.33pm.
I called her.She said she was sick.I said, 'when did you first become3 sick?'She said, 'a few days ago'.angryangry

Then she wondered why I was annoyed and complained to HR that I was being 'heavy handed' by ringing her to find out why she hadnt come in. hmm

MrsJohnCusack Sat 27-Sep-08 10:22:42


and don't ever let your housemate ring in for you. LIke our friend who rang in DH's work and said 'Matthew can't come in today - he's got the clap'

true story. she could have said he had the flu but she was cross with him so told the truth....

TeenyTinyTorya Sat 27-Sep-08 10:24:20

Does he work in a hotel? FIL used to work in a hotel, and would end up working three days in a row, sleeping over, because people simply didn't turn up to work. It's very inconsiderate. YANBU.

nametaken Sat 27-Sep-08 10:24:52


BouncingTurtle Sat 27-Sep-08 10:25:37

YANBU - I ended up sacking someone who was a repeat offender - he was relying on other staff members to cover for him and it wasn't fair on them that they followed the rules and he didn't. He had loads of warnings from me as well, but he would just come up with loads of shitty excuses why he couldn't ring in!

BitOfFun Sat 27-Sep-08 10:26:19

My ex-P used to make me call in for him - it REALLY irrated me, made me feel like his bloody he would languish there with a man-cold and expect me to fuss over him, bit just grunt or whisper pathetically at me. GRRRRR, remembering it can STILL piss me off grin So so glad those days are gone...

Carmenere Sat 27-Sep-08 10:28:58

Or in the restaurant I used to work in, one of the kitchen porters rang to say he couldn't come in because he was drunkhmm The boss actually was amused by his honesty so he got away with itsmile

The only excuse for not ringing to say you are ill is being in a coma.

nametaken Sat 27-Sep-08 10:31:35

Yeah, I much prefer honestly too.

Like the honest young man who worked in my office years ago who couldn't come into work one day coz he had to go to court for being drunk and disorderly.

I'd rather hear that than "I've got an upset stomach"

LadyOfWaffle Sat 27-Sep-08 10:35:52

No, not a hotel. He can't leave until someone comes though, so may have to do a 36 hour shift shock

TeenyTinyTorya Sat 27-Sep-08 10:39:01

That's really bad. Is he the boss, or is there someone he can speak to and complain about this?

LIZS Sat 27-Sep-08 10:40:37

Very inconsiderate angry. Could backfire though next time he wants a favour

CapricaSix Sat 27-Sep-08 10:41:22

What does he do? What if he was a single father and HAD to leave? If it was me (I'm a single mum) I'd have no choice - I'd have to go!

LadyOfWaffle Sat 27-Sep-08 11:40:08

He has to manage a control room for loads of different sites so he cannot leave if no one turns up, or he'd have to close alot of places down all over the world. If he insisted he had to go I guess they would send someone from the management but he is just staying on for now, but he has said he isn't going to do his shift tonight.

BeHereNow Sat 27-Sep-08 11:44:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

CapricaSix Sat 27-Sep-08 12:34:54

Yeah and as i said, if he had no choice but to leave they would just have to deal with it. Having to continue after a 12 hour shift, that's terrible! If not illegal if it brings his hours up to the weekly max - esp if he's back on again tonight. Can they try & find someone to cover his shift tonight?

BuwchBywiog Sat 27-Sep-08 17:50:06

I had to get DP to ring work to say I couldn't come in once! I had lost my voice due to a really bad throat infection though lol

YANBU its in the rules at our place that we have to phone in ourseleves unless we physically can't.

nametaken Sat 27-Sep-08 17:52:05

I agree, unless you've lost your voice or your in a coma you should ring yourself.

LadyOfWaffle Sat 27-Sep-08 17:52:42

Someone should be covering him tonight and in turn a Ghurka covering him. He only has 40 mins to go, but a 30 mile drive home. It's pushed him over his monthly hour limit but having tonight off will balance it.

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