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To be hugely annoyed that my DH not only refused to read the info i emailed him, but is still insisting Exercise is the cure for SPD???

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TheHedgeWitch Thu 25-Sep-08 20:01:33

Message withdrawn

nickytwotimes Thu 25-Sep-08 20:02:28

He's being an arse.
SPD is farking agony.

psychomum5 Thu 25-Sep-08 20:05:17


SPD is sooooooooo painful

tell him it is like being kicked in the balls, constantly, and PAINFULLY, for days on end.

DH realised how painful it was for me when the consultant explained in great detail what happens to you pelvis, and then gained huge sympathy for me. shame the consultant had to liken it to being kicked in the balls tho for DH to finally take noticehmm

my sympathies for you.......I know exactly how painful it is.

EffiePerine Thu 25-Sep-08 20:07:33


On what grounds exactly? Tell him to come on here so we can give him a good (metaphorical) kicking grin

Klaw Thu 25-Sep-08 20:08:30

Tell him what you really need is the dosh to get to a chiropracter or osteopath

Piffle Thu 25-Sep-08 20:10:41

My husband was v sympathetic
Exercise is NOT the cure
A rehab physio is
I suffered 14mths post natally
Am veritable expert sadly
Had tiny twinge relapse yesterday (18mths post natal)
Dp could not do enough to help me
Read and learn hedges dp

WilfSell Thu 25-Sep-08 20:11:40

Actually some exercise can make it worse and make the joints even more unstable. I made mine agony by insisting on doing breaststroke in the pool. When I could almost not walk any longer, I made the connection...

Do you have an SI belt and/or tubigrip to hold it all in?

Tell him you'll exercise as long as he's prepared to push you in a wheelchair when you can no longer walk?

TheHedgeWitch Thu 25-Sep-08 20:13:32

Message withdrawn

Sidge Thu 25-Sep-08 20:19:19

My DH was fairly sympathetic when I had SPD but I could tell he didn't really 'get it'. I think he assumed some aches and pains were normal in pregnancy and SPD was just another ache and pain.

Then I saw the physio at about 22 weeks, DH came too so he could push/carry disabled DD2 and when the physio offered me crutches I saw DH do a double take. I politely said no to the crutches (can't use crutches and push a buggy and DD2 couldn't walk) so they said I might need hospital admission for the remainder of my pregnancy so I could rest. I declined, but funnily enough DH started to really sympathise.

I would ignore your midwife and ask your GP or obs consultant for a referral ASAP.

broguemum Thu 25-Sep-08 20:23:12

He is being extremely unreasonable. You are not. I would be pissed off too. Do you have a friendly doctor who could back you up?

Avoid pushing shopping trolleys. That was a total killer for me when I was pregnant with DS. But on the bright side, 10 months post partum, I am now almost back to normal again .

nickytwotimes Thu 25-Sep-08 20:25:59

Your mw told you it's not policy to do anything till 21 wks? Rubbish! Absolute rubbish!

TheHedgeWitch Thu 25-Sep-08 20:42:13

Message withdrawn

TheHedgeWitch Thu 25-Sep-08 20:42:15

Message withdrawn

josiefc Fri 26-Sep-08 11:49:34

I think the only answer to your problem is to actually kick him in the balls.

Dropdeadfred Fri 26-Sep-08 11:53:10

I seriously can't belive that you would still be with someone who treated you like that let alone decided to have another child with him!!! Take him to the doctors with you and get them to explain it!!
My poor friend had it so bad she was on crutches from about 16 weeks last time and is now experiencing it again...sad

he sounds like such an arse..angry

mind you no way would i have done what he asked in the loft..think i would have just bolted the hatch leaving him up there...grin

Dropdeadfred Fri 26-Sep-08 11:53:45

sorry just saw josies' post..ignore mine she was much more succinct wink

expatinscotland Fri 26-Sep-08 11:56:22

What DDF said.

I'd ask your GP to have a word with him.

OrmIrian Fri 26-Sep-08 11:57:07

hedgewitch - that is outrageous! So angry on your behalf. Never had SPD (thank you whoever looks out for me!) but I know it is agonising. What sort of exercise is he advising when you can hardly get about?

Some people are simply not sympathetic to others in pain. I confess I am not great in that area blush but I've learned a bit better over the years.

I think a collision involving his testicles and a gold club might do the trick (assuming you want no more children of course grin)

glitterkitty Fri 26-Sep-08 12:10:01

hedgewitch my sympathy. I had this and was told by midwife to just keep my legs together as much as possible. Hard with enormous bump but it did help.

Mine was bought on by too much walking so he's talking out his arse. sad hope he realises just what your going through and becomes more sympathetic...

<<glitterkitty tries to be diplomatic and not shout W***R! v loudly>>

TheHedgeWitch Fri 26-Sep-08 15:24:52

Message withdrawn

bloomingfedup Fri 26-Sep-08 15:26:47

why are you with him? I am confused.hmm

sallystrawberry Fri 26-Sep-08 15:29:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sallystrawberry Fri 26-Sep-08 15:31:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TheHedgeWitch Fri 26-Sep-08 15:42:27

Message withdrawn

Upwind Fri 26-Sep-08 15:50:35

Describe to him graphically how your pubic bone is coming apart and grinding

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