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To not want to go on this 'night out'?

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MrsSnape Wed 24-Sep-08 21:17:53

Ok basically a woman at school (militant parent governer) has organised a 'social night' for parents and teachers at the local pub. The is going around all the parents asking them to go, getting loads of letters sent around the school about it, phoning/texting people etc etc...!

Anyway when she first asked me the conversation went:

her: "are YOU coming to this social night?"
me: "No"
her "shock why not???"
me: "errr...never really thought about it"
her: "but its to raise money for the school!"
me: "yes I know...I'll think about it".

So anyway, she wasn't happy and text me later that night saying "have you give anymore thought to that social night?" hmm I said "I don't think I'll bother" so again she went in a bit of a huff.

Eventually I thought of a good excuse "I wouldn't have anyone for the kids anyway" (this is true) so she said "oh....I know! you can leave them with my babysitter!" hmm I said "who is that??" so she said it was her grand-daughter. Now I'm not being mean but this girl is 18, acts more like a 13 year old, hangs around with a load of un-savoury characters and only 3 weeks ago she was refused alcohol in the local shop so came out looking drunk (mid morning) and asked me to go in and get her some! I heard that later that day she took two 13 year old girls home completely legless. Needless to say I declined her offer of babysitting!

She's just text me again to ask if I'm going. Am I being unreasonable or should she take the bloody hint and leave me alone?

StewieGriffinsMom Wed 24-Sep-08 21:24:28

Message withdrawn

MaureenMLove Wed 24-Sep-08 21:37:35

Tell her like it is. Tell her, you have no desire to spend the evening with teachers and parents that you have nothing in common with, other than the school. If you want a social night, you will do it with your friends, whom you wish to be social with. tell her, you are more than happy to donate/help/fund raise during daylight hours, but you will not be spending the evening with these people!

Is that too much? grin

everlong Wed 24-Sep-08 21:38:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

streakybacon Thu 25-Sep-08 06:42:02

You don't need any excuses, reasons or get-out clauses. If you don't want to go, you just say "No thank you" and have no discussion about it. Life's too short.

potatofactory Thu 25-Sep-08 07:08:17

You're up early like me streaky bacon! I agree with you. I HATE this kind of pressure. It's awkward, but only because SHE'S being inappropriately pressurising. She's too pushy, end of. She is refusing to recognise the fact that you're not keen. Silly old bint. Don't go.

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