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You stupid pug faced miserable old bitch, and you fuckers behind the counter can fuck off as well

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justaflyingvisit Wed 24-Sep-08 17:56:59

This is what i felt like saying to the woman who told my DD to SHUT UP in the tesco post office just now. My DD was shouting at our dog who was outside the shop. She was saying hello hello hello hello - yeah it was loud but she was upset over something anyway (just had wee wee accident) so i didnt want to tell her off. The woman turned round and told my DD to shut up - she thought i didn't see. To my shame i gave her the finger (original!) and she turned to the counter staff and obviously proceeded to berate me for being common as muck. I guess she must have been right because the thread title was what i really wanted to say.


Carmenere Wed 24-Sep-08 17:59:01

YABU you should have told your dd to be quite before the woman, very rudely admittedly, told her to shut up. and yes giving someone the 'finger' is common as muck.

littlelapin Wed 24-Sep-08 18:00:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BoysAreLikeDogs Wed 24-Sep-08 18:00:44

<<snort>> at Carm


RubySlippers Wed 24-Sep-08 18:02:04


not unreasonable for your DD to not be making a huge racket and giving the finger ... yuck

littlelapin Wed 24-Sep-08 18:02:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

beansprout Wed 24-Sep-08 18:03:09

Hey, we all have bad days. Doesn't mean we are common (what a terrible thing to be!!), just mightily fed up.

expatinscotland Wed 24-Sep-08 18:03:42

what were you posting?

i hope it wasn't something of serious importance.

it might go missing in the post.

BoysAreLikeDogs Wed 24-Sep-08 18:04:25

LL is the OP LEM?

allgonebellyup Wed 24-Sep-08 18:04:32

oooooh the finger, i am only brave enough to do it when in the safety of my car and can drive away v quickly when someone has pissed me off!!

maybe you should have told your dd to stop shouting, it probably really pissed off all the other people in there tbh.

littlelapin Wed 24-Sep-08 18:06:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Twiglett Wed 24-Sep-08 18:06:13

yeah .. you were out of order for not quieting her down .. she was out of order if she said 'shut up' nastily .. if she said 'be quiet now' gently then that's different

giving someone the finger is rather daft too

consider theeself judged

Pan Wed 24-Sep-08 18:06:39

sticking your tongue out would have been much better. Still rubbish, but better.

littlelapin Wed 24-Sep-08 18:08:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

wannaBe Wed 24-Sep-08 18:09:58

yabu. common as muck. chavvy in fact.

BoysAreLikeDogs Wed 24-Sep-08 18:10:57

Oh yeah.

Thanks, LL

justaflyingvisit Wed 24-Sep-08 18:13:24

pokes tongue out at lapin, yes i should have just stuck my tongue out - it was one of those situations where you stand there thinking, why WHY did i do that now i look like a fishwife. To be honest i didn't think she was being that noisy and we were at the other end of the shop. It was the the fact that the woman didn't find my daughters discourse with my dog endearing that got to me - i mean, everyone knows that my DD is sooo cute if just a wee bit loud

watsthestory Wed 24-Sep-08 18:15:11

Message withdrawn

justaflyingvisit Wed 24-Sep-08 18:16:44

thankfully wts she didn't. blush

My thread title still remains true, but it should have remained in my head, instead of coming out the end of my finger - does it make it any better that i did it with a smile on my face?

beansprout Wed 24-Sep-08 18:17:46

Were you wearing anything from Boden?

lou031205 Wed 24-Sep-08 18:22:11

jafv, no it doesn't make it better. And your thread title is horrible. I don't want to see it, let alone kids who might see it.

Are you really sure you are upset about her telling your daughter off, or are you put out because you didn't think to and it showed you up? And the finger thing is just plain childish, actually, regardless of whether it is common.

Guadalupe Wed 24-Sep-08 18:22:46

If she's had a wee accident I assume she's quite small so I would be pretty annoyed if someone told her to shut up. Small children are loud and irritating sometimes in shops, just one of those things.

However, I would have told her to quieten down, and would have said something cutting to the lady instead of raising a finger.

LynetteScavo Wed 24-Sep-08 18:31:17

A wee accident, as in a little accident, or a pee accident?

TheSmallClanger Wed 24-Sep-08 18:41:39

Is this a joke? What a way to set an example to your DD!

Jacanne Wed 24-Sep-08 18:55:43

I would have been really cross about the "shut up" as I try and teach my children that they are not supposed to say that - I guess I would have asked her not to talk to my child that way - but I can actually appreciate the need to raise a finger - sometimes when you're wound up anyway it doesn't take much to push you over the edge.

There are some truly virtuous people on MN - I am impressed.

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