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To think that over 3 weeks on, my window should have been fixed?

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Mum2OliverJames Wed 24-Sep-08 12:15:47

Long story short, X put his hand through the front door and i kicked him out. i have reported him to the police and as i wanted an amicable relationship with him for sake of DS i asked him to get window repaired rather than filling in form and getting comp through court.

It has been three weeks now and my blardy front door is still broken, the window ppl have contacted me but didnt say when they would be coming! i have been trying to call them but nobody is even picking up the phone!
Part of X's bail conditions say he's not allowed to contct me even through a 3rd party.

Am i being unreasonable to think that my window should have been fixed by now? it has been secured by my dad but X didnt know that and i have a 9MO DS in the house, if my dad hadnt secured it anyone could have just waltzed on in hmm

Grr so angry at X's disregard for DS's and my safety angry

Mum2OliverJames Wed 24-Sep-08 12:34:58

Have sent a very stern email grin

ethanchristopher Wed 24-Sep-08 19:16:12

awww. yanbu cause its getting cold and that would annoy me

can you contact him? would you be able to get your dad to contact him? or would this only be possible through the courts

whatever you decide to do i reckon you should do it sooner rather than later or all will be forgotten by your X and you'l end up paying for it yourself!

hope its fixed soon

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