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to not want NSPCC and RSPCA ads interrupting the episode of coast that I was watching with ds (4)?

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Ready4anotherCoffee Tue 23-Sep-08 22:34:37

4pm, as ds was shattered after school, so we snuggled up on the sofa to watch tv for 20 mins, as you do. We found an episode of coast on the history chnnel, and settled down to watch it, as ds likes coast, only for it to be interrupted by ads for both RSPCA and NSPCC. I have no objection to them advertising, even though I don't really agree much with the latter, but ffs, I don't really want ds seeing the images they use in their ads.

So AIBU in not wanting these ads on before the watershed?

Upwind Tue 23-Sep-08 22:36:59

YANBU, they are grim & fear mongering

saint2shoes Tue 23-Sep-08 22:47:56

they need to raise money,

Ready4anotherCoffee Tue 23-Sep-08 22:51:45

I know they are trying to raise money, but at the smae time I don't want my children seeing the grim images they portray. There is plenty of time when they are older to see grim stuff. Hence the desire to not see these ads until after the watershed.

Or, at least if they want to advertise before then, a less grim ad?

Friskyfluff Tue 23-Sep-08 23:08:17

At 4yrs do you not think he is old enough to understand that not all children are lucky like him and that they, and animals as well, need help from others?

I think it's good to learn charity at a young age.

I agree that images used can be pretty grim but that is the point, they aim to shock and hopefully encourage action by those watching.

I think they could be used as a good conversation starting point about charity/cruelty (sp?) etc with your ds, if he asks about them. If not, no harm done smile

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