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To be paranoid about dd's snotty nose at toddler group?

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knittingmama Tue 23-Sep-08 09:04:13

I know it's totally stupid but her nose is running like mad, she's fine otherwise, so do we go to toddler group or not? I don't want to be the nutter running around with a tissue all morning...

nickytwotimes Tue 23-Sep-08 09:06:26

Well, at our toddler group, there is always someone with a horrid cold and no one seems to mind. If she had a temp or something, that would be different, but a runny nose is okay.

misdee Tue 23-Sep-08 09:08:03

clear snot, fine take her.

gree/yellow, dont!

knittingmama Tue 23-Sep-08 09:10:00

It's clear snot, good advice misdee!

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