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To think Bananas don't really need guarding ??

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LavenderTea Mon 22-Sep-08 21:45:34

And are they really this shape anyway ???

ethanchristopher Mon 22-Sep-08 21:48:05

its a great idea in kids school/nursery bags coz they get squashed e.t.c

ds wont eat it if its squashed so we have one, we also have a range of inflatable apple, peach and pear holders blush

Mutt Mon 22-Sep-08 21:49:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

FAQ Mon 22-Sep-08 21:50:29

PMSL - omg I nearly spat my coffee out........they look seriously dodgy grin

ethan - why not just use a plastic tupperware type tub???

LavenderTea Mon 22-Sep-08 21:50:41

Do your bananas actually fit. Looks a bit bendy to me. and Inflatable peach holders ??? Can't believe I'm asking but is there a link ?? blush

HuwEdwards Mon 22-Sep-08 21:51:12

they need guarding from the perilous pears, the anti-christ apples and the 'orrible oranges and big fuck-off figs.

hatrick Mon 22-Sep-08 21:53:00

Message withdrawn

Ashantai Mon 22-Sep-08 21:55:32

Roofles! grin

Ashantai Mon 22-Sep-08 21:57:02

Surely its some kind of sex toy given a fake practical use to avoid embarrassment??grin

Lilymaid Mon 22-Sep-08 22:01:27

I bought one of these from Lakeland for DH's Christmas stocking a couple of years ago - interesting shape when wrapped and sticking out of a stocking! It is larger than normal bananas and this means that virtually any banana with any reasonable bend in it will fit in.

ethanchristopher Mon 22-Sep-08 22:09:41

you can get them from the gltc. ""

Thankyouandgoodnight Mon 22-Sep-08 22:10:33

I ADORE mine grin

falcon Mon 22-Sep-08 22:11:59

Mine do. Without fail when I put a beautiful yellow banana in my bag in the morning, come lunchtime it'll be completely black and mushy.

Sputnik Mon 22-Sep-08 22:14:07


I never go anywhere without mine.

LavenderTea Mon 22-Sep-08 22:14:43

Ethan, do you have lots of cupboard space at your house? Just asking cos I bet you have the inflatable yoghurt pot holders too, and lots of other such parafinalia too ,,,wink

Only jealous cos I have a tiny kitchen with only enough cupboards for the bare minimum

ethanchristopher Mon 22-Sep-08 22:16:01

looool. no i just think they look cute blush and im a bit of a pfb and a bit of a twat.

i dont have the yogurt pot ones tho. GO ME!

<rushes off to find one>


mumto2andnomore Mon 22-Sep-08 22:16:34

I have one but too embarrassed to use it now after lots of rude comments !

ethanchristopher Mon 22-Sep-08 22:33:05

wow look what i found


FAQ Mon 22-Sep-08 22:34:33

but what is wrong with a standard plastic tupperware type box? You only need one for any shape of fruit (or yoghurt).......

Sputnik Mon 22-Sep-08 22:36:19

I want an inflatable peach holder now.

ethanchristopher Mon 22-Sep-08 22:36:53

faq - tuppaware isnt pretty hmm

moondog Mon 22-Sep-08 22:37:13

Fucking ridiculous.
In manner of hob covers.

FAQ Mon 22-Sep-08 22:38:04

well neither is the banana,pear, plum, peach or other squashable food once removed from it "guard" grin

lilysmummy2007 Mon 22-Sep-08 22:39:14

pmsl at ashantai, it looks like the contraption we bought for a friend on her hen night, or rather the casing for the contraption, and £6, i would just buy a new banana if mine was so squashed

Sputnik Mon 22-Sep-08 22:40:18

If you use a standard tupperware box you'll end up with loads of unused space (unless you fill it with grapes or something ). It's inefficient.

Plus the banan guard has little holes so the banana can breathe, you wouldn't want it getting sweaty would you?

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