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The bloke upstairs is a loony.

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Pushpinia Mon 22-Sep-08 14:49:00

We moved in about 2 months ago.

There was a huge extended family here before who have now gone back to India - they were very polite and nice when we came to see the place.

There is a quiet couple on the first floor who are no trouble at all.

On the top floor however is a couple whom I find rather disturbing.

I posted before about the bloke, who started asking me loads of very personal questions about my single status, my rent, where I got my furniture (he seemed to think the landlord was subsidising me, which is bollox)
and complaining that he hadn't had any new furniture. (I bought/brought all my own, because what was here before was rubbish)

Anyway a few weeks pass. I have a water meter installed as the rateable value is so huge and we are paying £40 a month instead of our usual £4 on a meter...this was done ages ago in July, but the water company seem to keep saying that there's some confusion over whose meter is whose.

Today after many phone calls they sent someone round who inspects the meters and tells us that yes, ours is there, is working perfectly, and it should be being used for our bills, which it is not. He tests all the supplies, makes me run around turning on taps and so on for ages.
It is all fine.

It transpires that the people upstairs (the wife never speaks, barely smiles - and the bloke works away most of the time) have complained that they are 'using too much water' and think that we are stealing their supply somehow...hmm

This is completely bizarre and quite upsetting. I mean why did they not make an issue of this when the last family was here? Except that they were friends. I do have a feeling that the guy feels paranoid in a foreign country and thinks we are all conspiring to make sure he is disadvantaged.

Add on to this the fact that he will sometimes arrive back at 4.30am with his music on really loud in his car (right outside our bedroom window) and then get out, slam the car doors and stomp upstairs.

He knows what children and sleep are like, he has a 3 year old who is currently in India and is coming over here again soon.

He also complains instantly if we park slightly too far back so he might have to steer carefully to get off the drive, but parks like a loon himself which gets in our way.

AIBU in thinking he is a complete w*nker or could there be some other explanation?

AMumInScotland Mon 22-Sep-08 15:38:46

Presumably they have noticed that your meter says something much lower than theirs? And can't get their heads round the idea that maybe it's because you use less water than them? I imagine it wasn't an issue when you were all charged the same (or pro rata, however it was arranged before) but he now thinks you are somehow getting special treatment. Same with the furniture - he thinks you're getting nicer stuff thatn they are.

flubdub Mon 22-Sep-08 15:57:55

loon grin

Pushpinia Mon 22-Sep-08 16:00:33

Yes - I think he does think that. It's completely unfounded. I doubt he could read the meters as even if he knows whose is which, I don't think you can self read the new electronic ones?

I think he just has it in for us and is convinced that we are getting preferential treatment...the reality is that he rents a flat in a shitty condition, doesn't bother to buy anything nice for it, and it is extremely cheap - mine is slightly more expensive as it went up when I moved in, I have personally and at great effort and cost (borrowing on overdraft) torn up all the nasty old carpets, installed a slate floor in one room, new carpets in bedrooms, and bought big rugs for the main room. I'm in the middle of decorating everywhere again at my own cost, doing all the work myself.
The landlord has recognised this and being a sweet old fellow, has paid to have our ancient patio redone (this adds value to his property, it isn;t just for us and the drains were causing damp so it had to be redone anyway) and paid towards the labour for the slates. (though I grouted and sealed them and also laid some of it - I covered all materials)
He has also cleared out our shed and put in a wooden floor as the old one was missing! and it was full of rusty metal and glass.
We've ahd an electrical certificate done as it was patently unsafe and switches didn';t work when we moved in.

The bloke upstairs has a real nerve to think we are being favoured. If he only asked they would arrange to sort out his place too but I think that stops short of buying him nice furniture, the stuff that was here was awful so I asked them to take it away which they did - what I have is all mine, bought over several years.

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