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to be p****d off with getting no help? Job center, benefits etc

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mel1981 Mon 22-Sep-08 13:32:40

My DH was a self employed plaster and since mid june has only worked 2 weeks as there isnt much work ATM concerning the building trade. We'd wiped out all of what we had in savings just trying to survive and was getting letters concerning rent arrears so we thought it would be best to sign on so we could at least get some money to help with rent, bills etc.

This was about 5-6 weeks ago and we still havent received and jobseekers yet. My DH has been to numerous meetings and weve filled in all the forms they throw at us. Whenever he rings the say its being processed. The council & housing ass wont help us with anything til we have the job seekers paperwork which they wont send out.
We are getting so fed up.we have £1 to out name and have to keep borrowing money from family.
It will take 7 weeks before we get milk, fruit and veg vouchers. Im trying to sell anything we dont need just to make some money. Im willing to get a part time job but dont see the point incase it deosnt fit in with DH's job- when he gets one then i'll have to quit which wont look good on my CV either.
Everyday we/i look the internet for jobs for him and have signed up for agencies, etc.
DH has applied to so many jobs but only a few have replied to him- we think because he knows a skilled trade employers think he will leave them when a plastering job comes up!But he is just happy to get a job with regular hours and money.
We have done everything by the book&he is getting really down about not working & we dont want to live off of benefits. Which is getting us both down too.
Any advice anyone?

ImNotOnline Mon 22-Sep-08 13:36:23

Have you told tax credits your H isn't working?

Crisis loans are there to help when waiting for JSA did the jobcentre not tell you to apply for one?

Twelvelegs Mon 22-Sep-08 13:37:32

Arrive at your l;ocal office every morning and be a pain in the arse until they help you????

Lauriefairycake Mon 22-Sep-08 13:38:10

you need to keep calling them, that is an unacceptable delay in processing. Go in and get a crisis loan in the office - stay there till they give you something.

Speak to a manager and ask for a copy of the complaints procedure - I'm fairly sure they have a service level agreement where they have to have paid you in a certain amount of time.

StewieGriffinsMom Mon 22-Sep-08 13:38:18

Message withdrawn

SlackSally Mon 22-Sep-08 13:40:18

Saintly patience?

It's always the way with institutions that are supposed to give you money. They always drag their feet. Whereas if you owe them, they'll suddenly be very efficient at getting their money back. I'm currently at an impasse between the student loans company and my local education authority, who can't agree on who's fucked up my loans. Until it's resolved, I can't get this year's loans, on which I am relying to pay the rent. I will also probably have to borrow money from family.

It's totally frustrating, especially when you appear to have done everything on your side of the bargain, and all you can do is call to try and gee them on. Unfortunately, since you have done all you can, it's unlikely whether your actions will make much difference. If things get desperate, there will probably be some kind of emergency loan or grant available through the councils for people in your situation. I'm sure such a thing was mentioned when I was on Jobseekers for a little while.

mel1981 Mon 22-Sep-08 13:44:17

Imnotonline- we told tax credits- they stopped our WTC wich is fair enough but reduced our CTC by £10? couldnt work that out! No the job center didnt tell us about crisis loans will take a look into that.
No one seems to want to tell you what you are entitled to. We had to look into the milk vouchers, free school meals etc.

Twelvelegs Im tempted to do that! They dont seem to understand how im meant to bring two kids up on £80 a week! My rent alone is £84!
We are just getting more in debt had to put our loan on hold this month cause we couldnt pay it.

Its just getting stupid!


mel1981 Mon 22-Sep-08 13:48:34

Thanks everyone. x
will make an appointment with CAB too.
we were told it would be 3-4 weeks but then every week no money- so we call them and theres another excuse.
Slacksally I agree there all to quick to make threats cause we cant pay rent but no one will help.

armarda Mon 22-Sep-08 13:50:43

Can you get a full time job temping whilst he looks for work?

noonki Mon 22-Sep-08 13:51:54

not wanting to worry you but it can take ages for them to sort out people that are self-employed.

If I were you I would:
1. apply today for a crisis loan
2.keep applying for any job - however disheartening it is (apparently the restaurant trade hasn't been that effected by the credit crunch so maybe go around the restaurants adn see if anything going.
3. let CTC know immediately
4. Go to CAB and get them hassling.
5. Do apply for jobs for yourself -just don't bother writing it on your CV and no one need ever know.
6. Try advertising on your car (if you have one) that you have an available plasterer - my mate did it and got some stuff last month (he is a builder of sorts!)
7. If you have bills coming in don't ignore them, ring up and explain the situation they can normally set up a payment plan
8. Go through all your bills and see if you can stop any (we had to say goodbye to sky sad and took our car off the road (saved loads), also gas and electicity companies etc - check you have the best deals... all adds up

good luck to you all

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