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to be absolutely gutted that bbc&C4 have both rejected chis morris' new show?

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mayorquimby Mon 22-Sep-08 12:15:32

apparently because of it's content. it's a satire about a wannabe suicide bomber. FFS this guy is part of a hand full of real english talent and i'd imagine he has something brilliant up his sleave.
i also thought his Nathan Barely show last year was brilliant and fantastically well observed. add to that brass eye/the day today.

grrr more chris morris is what tv needs.the only hope is that if it does have to go the film4 route he will have more scope to push th boundaries. rant over

Twelvelegs Mon 22-Sep-08 12:16:49

I love the fact the daily Mail has an article on this!! (I haven't read it BTW)

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