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don't know where to put this - I have problems with a new kitten - please advice me??!!

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susia Fri 19-Sep-08 23:40:16

I'm sorry I really would like some advice. I don't know if anyone can help? I have a 2 year old cat from a rescue home and just got a new kitten. My old cat is so miserable about it that even though the kitten is shut in one room most of the time (vet's advice) she will barely come in the house now.

I'm so sad I got the kitten for my son's birthday and may have to get rid of him again even though my son adores him sad

thingamajig Fri 19-Sep-08 23:42:43

"Pets" would probably be a better place for this. But I think that if you persevere with the vets advice your cat will get used to the kitten, even though they may never be friends.

susia Fri 19-Sep-08 23:46:24

thankyou, I didn't know there was a pets section though.

I will try another week or so and have spent £60 shock on special plugs that release feel good cat pheromones.

I don't want our old cat to 'leave home' or have to give up my son's kitten

Lowfat Fri 19-Sep-08 23:48:55

Agree with thingamajig,

We had this when we introduced a 1 year old recuse cat to a rather uppity 3 year old 'always been the baby' cat. Differentsexes and everything.

We endured about 3 weeks of fur balls and sulking and hissing. And jsut as I was about to give up they started to tolerate each other.

Still not best buddies, but they get on and even share warm places when the weather is cold. And they are united in there fear and loathing of our childre - who arrive on the scene after them grin

It's cat politics

goodasgold Fri 19-Sep-08 23:49:18

Give them time.

susia Fri 19-Sep-08 23:53:23

she just comes in the house to eat now and will come in when we've gone to bed to sleep but that's it.

Yesterday, the kitten had been stuck in the one room for a week, so I put them both in the house and she hissed and growled at the kitten, weed in his litter tray, ate all his food, then went out and didn't come back for 24 hours.

I don't know what to do. It isn't fair to keep the kitten in that room forever and as I work I can't let him loose in the house with her in the day.

Lowfat Fri 19-Sep-08 23:56:53

She will get used to it. If she is to be the doninant cat she will have to assert herself. Dont try to keep them apart it prolongs the familiarisation (sp)!

susia Fri 19-Sep-08 23:59:37

Lowfat - that is my instinct too. That is why I put them both in the house together, but I have been told to keep them apart for at least a week and it seemed to upset her big time!

plus as I have a cat flap and he isn't allowed out, I have to shut them both in together or shut her out.

pamelat Sat 20-Sep-08 07:47:59

We had an awful time.

Bascially we had a beautiful old rescue cat (Harvey, he will always be my favourite old boy) and we introduced a kitten. All was fine and he was fairly paternal, they used to clean one another.

Harved died sad and our "kitten" (now 2) seemed lonely and called for him. She was never the most person friendly cat.

We got a new kitten to keep her company. She hated her (apparently you should avoid two girls, we didn't know this).

Older cat (2 year old) became agressive to us (I was 2 months pregnant too) and we worried about how she would cope with a baby on her way. We gave it 4 months and there was no improvement.

Our new kitten would run up to make friends and 2 year old was terrified and would kiss and be nasty.

It sounds awful but we gave the 2 year old to my PIL's. She was never going to adjust and PIL's would not take on the kitten but knew the other cat fairly well. We visit fortnightly!

girlywhirly Sat 20-Sep-08 10:34:10

In addition to the pheromone plug-ins, you could try 'scent sharing". You get a couple of cloths or pet blankets and rub each cat with one. Then you swap the cloths and rub the other cats scent onto the other, mixing their scents. Keep swapping the cloths between them until you get no reaction except interested sniffing, then you can start to introduce them at close quarters.

Pet section is very useful, lots of good advice.

mashedup Sat 20-Sep-08 16:27:57


I have a cat (male) who is used to having the run of the house. He is 6. About 4 years ago, another cat moved in the area, (a kitten), he followed my cat everywhere. At first my cat wasn't too friendly, used to run away or hiss at it. After a while, he gave in and now they're the best of friends, sit together, come in my house, go in the other cat owners house, and there's no trouble.
I think if you persevere, it will be ok.
Good luck.

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