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that 1 email & 2 phonecalls to my bank re a mortgage that

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hermykne Fri 19-Sep-08 12:27:49

they havent called me back .....
i am livid she didnt even reply to the email and its only something simple i need i can bid on a house now

mazzystar Fri 19-Sep-08 12:29:41

crap service
can you switch banks?

hermykne Fri 19-Sep-08 12:34:40

yeah i can its for a new mortgage.
i suppose i should...

llareggub Fri 19-Sep-08 12:38:23

Don't jump just yet....mortgages aren't as easy to get these days. The power is definitely not with the customer these days.

PuppyMonkey Fri 19-Sep-08 12:39:18

Maybe your bank is about to go bust! shock

hermykne Fri 19-Sep-08 12:42:21

i m in ireland so they are ok , but we've our house sold and they know how much we mad e last year so they know we ok to go.

Jodee Fri 19-Sep-08 12:42:34

I feel your frustration - I work for a solicitor and we are trying to speak and email to a bank in INDIA to save a client from being repossessed. we started the process in July with a local branch, but they now have passed all paperwork to INDIA and they just don't respond to emails or calls (this is HSBC btw).

hermykne Fri 19-Sep-08 12:44:22

ekk jodee thats diff, at least i can go and stand in a queue

thequietone Fri 19-Sep-08 12:46:21

Wasn't the Woolwich, was it?

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