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Safe-Haven laws -

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StewiesMom Thu 18-Sep-08 20:51:36

Message withdrawn

nametaken Thu 18-Sep-08 21:10:15

I think we should have them here, but instead of just being able to leave babies we've had enough of, we should also be able to leave older children, teenagers and husbands.

Seriously though, if someone's gonna dump a baby, at least leave it in a safe place.

StewiesMom Thu 18-Sep-08 21:20:18

Message withdrawn

nametaken Thu 18-Sep-08 23:14:48

StewiesMom I find it hard to believe that in Nabraska, if your teenager pisses you off, you can hand him in to a safe-haven and that that will be the end of it. There must be more to it than that, do you have any links?

melpomene Thu 18-Sep-08 23:34:16

Thing about teenagers is weird. Surely the main reason that newborns are abandoned is because the mother concerned has concealed her pregnancy and doesn't want anyone to know the baby existed, and/or she has PND. Neither of which really apply to parents of teenagers.

StewiesMom Fri 19-Sep-08 07:41:28

Message withdrawn

NineYearsOfNappies Fri 19-Sep-08 19:43:28

I can see how it could come to that though. If you've been trying to get through to SS for days and days and keep being given the brush-off, if they refuse to provide the support you need, if they don't listen, if you are just barely coping and then the child is excluded from school on top of everything else, if you get a social worker who decides it's your parenting that's the issue and not the fact that the child has whatever it is they may have on top of that, if you've been told you might get a bit of support but oh dear there's a six year long waiting list, then yes, I can see how you'd come to a point where you'd drop the teenager off anywhere - better a safe haven than a motorway bridge.

I have known people who have dropped their teenagers off at the social services office at 4PM on a Friday afternoon because they have been so worn down by trying to get help and support and being offered worse than nothing.

Dropping them off and never ever seeing them again, I hope not, but dropping them off and running a long way away for a short period of time, or dropping them off and then agreeing to maintain contact but not having the child back into the family home again - yes, it already happens. More responsible bringing the teen to somewhere designated safe surely than simply "get out and don't come back"?

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