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To be annoyed that the 'coat' i bought turned out to be a knitted cardigan?

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TheHedgeWitch Thu 18-Sep-08 11:59:58

Message withdrawn

2beornot2be Thu 18-Sep-08 12:00:33

complain send it back

Snaf Thu 18-Sep-08 12:02:05

Link please, so we can judge your aibu-ness y properly.

TheHedgeWitch Thu 18-Sep-08 12:03:16

Message withdrawn

themoon66 Thu 18-Sep-08 12:05:35

Even on a full page picture it looks coat-like.

I think you are not being unreasonble to send it back and let them know why.

Snaf Thu 18-Sep-08 12:07:43

It's very nice.

But if you look closely it obviously is knitted and cardigan-like rather than a coat. Would it not be useful anyway?

isaidno Thu 18-Sep-08 12:08:29

yanbu - looks like a coat and tis in coat section - complain!!

TheHedgeWitch Thu 18-Sep-08 12:10:07

Message withdrawn

penguinaballerina Thu 18-Sep-08 13:35:26

But would you seriously expect it to be a coat when it is only £30, whereas the other coats at DP are £60-£70?

I agree though that putting it in Coats & Jackets is misleading. Shops love to describe cardigans as "jackets" too. Grrr!

StayFrosty Thu 18-Sep-08 17:20:16

If you zoom in you can clearly see it is knitted. But I'm gonna yanbu you anyway, cos I remember the horrors of trying to find a winter coat when pg. Anyhoodle, it looks v nice, and you can't have too many black cardies imo.

coolkat Thu 18-Sep-08 17:33:32

I like that and want it but am 8 months pregnant so don't know if I can justify it hmm

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