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to think doing coke and breastfeeding are incompatible?

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MrsBates Thu 18-Sep-08 10:58:58

Well, I know I'm not being unreasonable really but what are your thoughts? Was at a party recently and two mothers who are breastfeeding were taking coke. One says she is a 'bit naughty' to be smoking spliffs in front of her children but at least she and her husband only do it in the garden. One mum did say she is breastfeeding mainly to lose weight. Nice.

I wasn't a saint back in the day but now I have children - no way - and while feeding?! Still I do have too much wine sometimes and think that is sort of OK. Where do your draw your lines (you know the kind) about recreation of the drug kind?

StewiesMom Thu 18-Sep-08 11:01:45

Message withdrawn

FioFio Thu 18-Sep-08 11:02:03

Message withdrawn

NotDoingTheHousework Thu 18-Sep-08 11:02:21

Message withdrawn

nickytwotimes Thu 18-Sep-08 11:03:47

I have no idea how much, if any, illicit drugs pass through breastmilk. I certainly think a few drinks is absolutely fine.

VinegarTits Thu 18-Sep-08 11:03:55

Farking ell, doing coke and bfing, smoking splifs in front of dc, i am speechless shock

OMaLittle Thu 18-Sep-08 11:04:46

I am bf and got offered some by a GP the other day!

(naturally I wasn't in his surgery, it was a social occasion)

I would never do it and don't think anyone should. Again, no saint before kids but now a) no interest and b) think totally inappropriate.

FioFio Thu 18-Sep-08 11:05:51

Message withdrawn

bundle Thu 18-Sep-08 11:06:57

I'm amazed that anyone could think this is ok

zippitippitoes Thu 18-Sep-08 11:07:12

cocaine passes into breast milk

no one should use cocaine while breast feeding

ditto lsd angel dust etc

MrsBates Thu 18-Sep-08 11:08:05

Not a troll. And up for a party kind of person but did find it shocking. But maybe some would find me getting pissed shocking. NotDoingtheHousework - did it affect the babies in any immediately obvious way? Like make them more wakeful? My Mum used to put brandy in milk to try and make us sleep. Other times...women used to be advised to have a fag while feeding to help them relax. We are all OK - we hope.

But still seems these ladies should move on from that now. Even if they get back to it later in life. Grams for grannies. Give it a rest now. Didn't know what to say to them actually since am usually live and let live but keep thinking about it.

lulabellarama Thu 18-Sep-08 11:08:22

What an idiot.
Surely she should realise that if the coke gets into her babies system she'll NEVER get them to sleep grin

technics Thu 18-Sep-08 11:09:41

or worse, kill them?

2beornot2be Thu 18-Sep-08 11:09:43

I wished i could be shocked at this but it happens everyday My cousins wife was doing coke and smoking weed taking pills whilst pregnant its disgusting but not that un common. Was at a club and a girl I kinda knew went into labour at the club and she had taken 3 pills and was very drunk its disgusting but some people just don't think or care for that matter.

bundle Thu 18-Sep-08 11:09:54

"women used to be advised to have a fag while feeding to help them relax"

never heard of this

poshwellies Thu 18-Sep-08 11:11:23

They sound like a couple of first class wankers-child neglect/ for the GP shock

zippitippitoes Thu 18-Sep-08 11:12:19

Mrs Bates it is affects the babys nervous system haert rate etc risk of choking and vomiting is seriously putting a baby at risk and stays in babies bloodstream fo up to 48 hours

if i knew someone was doing this i would tell them so

she must not feed a baby if she usesd cocaine

it would be a reason to notify social services the baby is at risk

aside from using cocaine isnt a good idea when you are caring for a young child

Mum2OliverJames Thu 18-Sep-08 11:12:39

I had a 'friend' that did coke when she was breastfeeding, and smoking drugs. i didnt know at the time though otherwise i would have had a good few things to say to her! angry

Now her mum has her child most of the time so she and her bf(not DC's dad) can get off their face and dodge an responsibility sad

Unfortunatley i dont like to go around and see her now, i just get so angry with her for being so selfish. angry
It is prob best for DC that she is with her nanny most of the time though because they never have electricity, heating or food in. i really dont know how they live like that, last time i went over i had to buy their electricity for them hmm

NotDoingTheHousework Thu 18-Sep-08 11:13:53

Message withdrawn

StewiesMom Thu 18-Sep-08 11:14:16

Message withdrawn

poshwellies Thu 18-Sep-08 11:14:55

Hell, why don't we all just cook up a batch of hash cakes and give our children some,least they'd be chilled huh? hmm

MrsBates Thu 18-Sep-08 11:14:55

Re having the cigarette - it's in a 1950's book of housewife advice I got from my mum's house - all in a box in the loft so can't tell you the title but found it quite funny. Also advised you to do noisy jobs like hoovering before your husband got home and to make sure he had half an hour to himself with a drink on returning from work before allowing the children to disturb him. And they should be neat for their audience with father too. No wonder the 50's was ripe for a bit of rock and roll to shake things up.

isaidno Thu 18-Sep-08 11:14:55

I think that is terrible - at first I thought it was a post about drinking coca cola!
I have a glass, maybe 2, of wine but won't touch a cigarette or anything stronger.
Actually I don't drink coke either - seems to make the milk fizzy!

wannaBe Thu 18-Sep-08 11:14:56

if I knew someone was doing this I would ring social services.

MrsBates Thu 18-Sep-08 11:24:17

These weren't no electricity types - well off enough to buy it as a luxury item and generally well-educated and professional - like the GP mentioned. Just don't care I guess but also it's not addressed directly in normal circumstances. Will speak to them when I see them which will be at a wedding. Don't think social services is appropriate - I think their use is at occasional parties since the children are otherwise very well looked after.

Rather than pretending people don't do it, maybe a more info in clinics etc - leaflets, posters etc about how drug use affects milk and babies might be good - for the type of person I'm talking about who is well informed about benefits of breastfeeding. I guess it's the benefits for the mother that mean more to them than those for the child. Think a lot of people think so long as they're not hanging out in a crack house a bit of coke or speed from time to time is fine and keeps them going. I don't have a problem with this until children are involved.

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