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to think christmas crackers should be banned

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loobeylou Wed 17-Sep-08 19:57:50


1. the noise scares the littlest ones
2. they are expensive
3. theres enough to fit on the table on christmas day already
4. the jokes are rubbish and the toys/gifts mostly end up in the bin
5. they create tensions among the kids over who got what present unless you peek in the ends before the day and write names in them so everyone gets an appropriate gift.(Cunning trick learned from sad experience of child crying when they got nail clippers and grandad got the bouncy ball!)
6.they create loads of rubbish which most people don't recycle
7 whoever makes them is probably very poorly paid (though if they get banned they won't have a job at all, right, so thats a tricky one)
8. there are never the right number you need in a box, so you have to buy more than you need, you save the leftovers till next year and can't find any to match so buy more than you need again. The kids end up popping them for the sake of it when you put the decorations away, and the bits get binned
9. you wany a colour to match the table decorations, the kids beg for disney ones at twice the price
10.what on earth is the point of them anyway?.

Last year i bought the crackers in the january sales and kept them, they worked fine, but no one is saying do you remember that really good joke or that really neat gift i got in my cracker last year,

so, this year, i don't think i will bother!! Anyone with me? or am I being A Bad Mother, whose kids will be Traumatised Forever!

Twelvelegs Wed 17-Sep-08 19:58:54

Make your own??

misdee Wed 17-Sep-08 19:59:25

we love crackers.

i love the smell of them mmmmmmmm

GordonTheGopher Wed 17-Sep-08 20:00:07

My mum used to make ours out of loo rolls. She didn't even put the popping bit in. One year (I was about 13) I pulled out a pair of polka dot frilly knickers in front of grandparents and siblings. Oh deep deep joy.

But YABU they are brill. (proper ones)

Guadalupe Wed 17-Sep-08 20:01:52

Mine have never been scared by crackers. I think they're fun and the crap toy and joke is all part of it. Imagine christmas dinner without silly paper hats, though I never wear mine, it annoys me. grin

smurfgirl Wed 17-Sep-08 20:02:36

I am having crackers as my wedding favours. Marvellous things.

SorenLorensen Wed 17-Sep-08 20:03:11

You can get Fairtrade crackers in Oxfam - they have really nice little gifts in them and aren't as tacky looking as some crackers.

And a couple of years ago I bought Boots crackers (half price) - which were fairly tacky with rubbishy presents in them but one of the gifts was a bag of marbles and several were broken so I wrote and complained ("broken glass on my beautifully decorated Christmas table blah blah blah") and I got fifty quid compensation.

So I love crackers. Especially rubbish ones grin

Janni Wed 17-Sep-08 20:05:25

They're rubbish and always promise far more than they deliver.

Which means they are a useful metaphor for many aspects of life.

SorenLorensen Wed 17-Sep-08 20:05:33

And I got some one year that had colour coded whistles in, and everyone had a whistle, then there were sheets of music and a baton and someone 'conducted' and we played Christmas carols. Abysmally. But we were all tiddly (well, not the kids, obviously) and it was hysterically funny grin

I love Christmas and all its associated tat, actually.

Ashantai Wed 17-Sep-08 20:06:33

YABU, its a bit of fun grin

ChacunaSonGout Wed 17-Sep-08 20:07:15

its september..............

loobeylou Wed 17-Sep-08 20:07:56

But what about all the RUBBISH they create? And go on then, how much would you reasonably spend? I'm not hard up but I can think of plenty else to spend my cash on

I know charities sell them, but the ones I have seen in the catalogues are just the exact same ones i see in town with £2 on the price. Maybe I will give the money direct to the charity, or donate an extra gift to a Christmas appeal

BreeVanderCampLGJ Wed 17-Sep-08 20:08:11

I suppose it depends how much you spend.

cornsilk Wed 17-Sep-08 20:08:17

Lol chacuna! (cool name - namechange?)

loobeylou Wed 17-Sep-08 20:09:25

Admit, we had the musical ones at a family do once and they were OK

MmeLindt Wed 17-Sep-08 20:09:34


Christmas crackers belong to Christmas, like turkey and chipolatas and Auntie Agnes getting tipsy on the cheap sherry.

I have to import them at a very high price from UK as we don't get such useless fascinating items here.

Surfermum Wed 17-Sep-08 20:09:44

OMG Soren - we had some of those about 20 years ago. Every year they were brought out and we all sat/stood round the settee while my Dad tried to act as conductor. It was a family tradition ... and bloody hilarious. We were RUBBISH! And Dad used to get cross as we weren't taking it seriously grin.

Then my Aunt moved and they were thrown away sad. BUT last year my cousin found some and bought them and HURRAH! we had the cracker whistles orchestra once again.

I'm so pleased dd and dsd are going to grow up having taken part grin.

Big fat vote for crackers from me!

expatinscotland Wed 17-Sep-08 20:10:21

we don't do them.

we do nice stuff in the stockings instead.

i've already got all their stocking stuffers.

loobeylou Wed 17-Sep-08 20:11:43

OK, I know when I'm outnumbered, just call me scrooge - Bah Humbug!

SorenLorensen Wed 17-Sep-08 20:12:11

And there was me thinking they were a new invention...grin

Hawkin had some last year with wind-up toys in and there was a racetrack in the box as well so you could wind them up and have a race - and I thought they might be fun but they sold out. In September iirc. So, ChacunaSG - it's never too early to start thinking about Christmas crackers!

TsarChasm Wed 17-Sep-08 20:13:40

Lol! How do you ban them then? Do the SAS come and kick your door in, raid your house at 1pm Christmas Day and drag everyone out in handcuffs for reading out bad jokes? grin

We love them. All that rattling and wondering what's in them goes on here.

zippitippitoes Wed 17-Sep-08 20:13:43

i think they are fun

i just get cheap ones

i also like the exploding streamers

and also setting fire to amaretto papers as rockets after xmas lunch

Surfermum Wed 17-Sep-08 20:15:17

They sound fun too. We have a Hawkin's I shall have to check them out.

StewiesMom Wed 17-Sep-08 20:20:17

Message withdrawn

loobeylou Wed 17-Sep-08 20:21:07

*Re:How do you ban them?* Is it such an odd post on a board like this - I have seen plenty of wierd and wonderful suggestions on here for stuff that should be banned.

I guess there would need to be a drop in demand, or a real environmental push against them, or make them more eco friendly, or when we are all paying according to the weight of our bin bags, maybe then we won't be so mad on them?

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