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The minefield that are childrens birthday parties...

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Pheebe Mon 15-Sep-08 20:07:07

Not really sure where to post this but here goes...

Is a book and/or a £5 book voucher a decent present to give a 4 year old? Getting sick of buying plastic tat that they probably already have or won't like...

Hassled Mon 15-Sep-08 20:09:14

There's a very high probability that a book voucher would be badly received . I think a book is fine - but 4 year olds want something to unwrap, tat or not.

brimfull Mon 15-Sep-08 20:09:21

absolutely fine imo

brimfull Mon 15-Sep-08 20:09:21

absolutely fine imo

melpomene Mon 15-Sep-08 20:09:38

Book is fine. I'm not so sure about a voucher; I'm sure the vast majority of 4yos would prefer to unwrap a physical item than a voucher!

brimfull Mon 15-Sep-08 20:10:11

yes a book with option of returning it if they already have it

AnotherFineMess Mon 15-Sep-08 20:10:47

Yes. I cannot think of a single valid objecion to buying a child a nice book.

Twiglett Mon 15-Sep-08 20:11:28

a book on it's own

no vouchers

recommend anything by Robert Sabuda for a 'fabulous' gift and something like "Aliens Love Underpants' for a good gift

Twelvelegs Mon 15-Sep-08 20:11:37

Cheap and cheerful, seeds, a little earth and a plant pot.

Twelvelegs Mon 15-Sep-08 20:12:00

Book is always good.

Anna8888 Mon 15-Sep-08 20:12:21

A book is fine for a 4 year old.

I tend to buy craft stuff for as birthday presents for 4 year old - eg cardboard cutout house to build and paint.

TheInvisibleManDidIt Mon 15-Sep-08 20:15:15

a book can never be wrong.

Think those crayola magic pen/ paper packs are great for 3/4 year olds. And no mess so happy parents.

iheartdusty Mon 15-Sep-08 20:16:20

book yes
£5-7 good amount IMO
vouchers not popular - not much to open I think.

similar ideas - fun stationery (eg paperchase etc)

try the Book People, Red House Books etc - you can get a whole pack for the same money which has more impact!

for example Charlie & Lola set


various sets

Hulababy Mon 15-Sep-08 20:19:31

I have often given books as presents for young children. DD always enjoyed recieveing them, still does.

I do avoid vouchers uness posting the present as, like others have said, most little children just like having something to unwrap. Once they get a year or so older I think vouchers are fine though - certainly 6y DD would like a book voucher.

wtfhashappened Mon 15-Sep-08 20:19:48

sorry to crash, but get over here, ladies []]

wtfhashappened Mon 15-Sep-08 20:20:21

rookiemater Mon 15-Sep-08 20:21:17

I got our 4 year old neighbours son a little gardening tools set and a little planting kit.

I was really pleased because he said he had got too many toys ( we were away for the actual birthday so this was after the event) but within 15 minutes was eagerly raking the garden with his new tools.

I agree with the no plastic tat dictat, but agree with other posters a book would be better than a voucher.

Pheebe Mon 15-Sep-08 20:22:37

Brilliant grin thanks ladies

Pheebe Mon 15-Sep-08 20:23:14

love the seed etc idea too - will definitely go for that one too smile

Boyswillbeboys Mon 15-Sep-08 20:23:25

I always give books because I can't stand plastic. Definitely not a voucher, I think a four year old would want a proper present and a voucher also looks like you can't be bothered to chose something yourself IMO

GrimmaTheNome Mon 15-Sep-08 20:26:37

from about 4, my DD quite liked getting a book token for xmas from an elderly relative, but we made a bit of an occasion of going into town on Boxing day, seeing the Mummers play and of course she got to choose her own books in the sale (she's a canny lass). Its become a tradition! But since this is a birthday the recipient is a bit unlikely to get quite that much value out of a voucher!

Books are good.

Tilia Mon 15-Sep-08 20:29:44

At my son's first school (we moved recently) there was a general agreement which filtered down to all class reps, starting in reception, that nobody should spend more than £5 on a birthday present. This was a massive stress-reducer for all parents, especially as most children had parties for the whole class. I'd say a £5 book is perfect.

nonanny Tue 16-Sep-08 01:37:59

please no more craft sets!!! I wish more people would give little toys eg playmobil to break up the monotony of vast piles of crft sets

Gateau Tue 16-Sep-08 15:29:04

Book voucher is very boring for this age. A book is fine, though.

Gateau Tue 16-Sep-08 15:29:31

Otr what abotu a little music cd?

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