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to be hacked off at DH who seemed to suggest that as our local Primary School is not in the top 1000 of the league tables it is ‘shit’,

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Stuffedcat Mon 15-Sep-08 09:52:44

..ok, he did retract that comment but he seemed to imply that it meant they were no good.
I want the best for my children of course but our local primaries are a mix of satisfactory/good, and that is good enough for me, I am confident enough that my bright daughter will do well and I am also confident enough in my own parenting.
I want to walk my children to the nearest school, which happens to be good, not drive half way across the bloody county to go to a place where we have no connection, it is after all only primary - secondary school is totally other matter I am only talking about first schools here (our secondary schools are crap, and we will probably need to move)

I wouldn’t mind but he didn’t even read the Ofsted!! We did look through together a long while back.
I can’t really explain why I am so hacked off with his comment but I consider it to be very unfair!

3littlefrogs Mon 15-Sep-08 10:04:17

I would just say to him that if that is how he feels, can he please do all the research on alternatives, and do all the paperwork connected with the admission process. This will be a huge amount of work and effort, and if he is anything like my DH, he will decide he is too busy to do all that.

BTW, IME, you haven't a hope in hell's chance of getting a place in a primary school outside your catchment area unless you go for a private school.

scaryteacher Mon 15-Sep-08 10:12:08

You say 'it is only primary'...but that's where the ground work and foundations are laid for secondary. I've seen kids come up from primary who don't have a grasp of the basics, and that sets them back for the whole of their secondary career.

3littlefrogs Mon 15-Sep-08 10:23:37

But if the local primaries are satisfactory/good, surely it would be reasonable to go for local? Certainly if the local schools were unsatisfactory or failing then that would be a different story.

Stuffedcat Mon 15-Sep-08 10:30:09

3LittleFrogs - yes that's the point, exactly. (As mentioned with the high schools). I am putting them down and am perfectly happy in doing so just needed a rant!!

mayorquimby Mon 15-Sep-08 10:36:20

so he's not allowed express an opinion without you getting "hacked off", but yours are worth their weight in gold so he is forced to retract his?
you have a different opinion but there is little alternative so they are going to the primary school you want. he doesn't think it's very good but has done nothing to try and force ytou to change.
what's the problem?

Stuffedcat Mon 15-Sep-08 10:41:21

because until he read the league tables he was happy to send them there (and still is), it is the idea that a school not in the top 1000 is shit/no good!?

mayorquimby Mon 15-Sep-08 10:43:42

"it is the idea that a school not in the top 1000 is shit/no good!? "

yes but why would you get hacked off with him for having this opinion? i mean that's whatit is, his opinion.
if you think he's wrong etc, fair enough but it's a valid opinion based on something tangable i.e. a ratings system

singersgirl Mon 15-Sep-08 10:47:24

Well, according to my quick research, in 2000 there were over 18,000 primary schools in England alone, so I don't think not being in the top 1000 automatically makes a school shit.

So that's 17,000 shit schools and 1,000 good ones.....hmm

squiffy Mon 15-Sep-08 11:58:45

Perhaps your local secondaries are all crap because the primaries aren't getting the basics right?

Sorry but I don't buy the whole 'my daughter is bright, yadda, yadda' because I know from experience that isn't always the case. And I don't buy the whole league table crap either. As a parent we are responsible for trying to get our children the best education to suit them best, be it pastoral, challenging, supportive or all-inclusive or whatever. whatever it is your daughter needs most won't be identified in Ofsted's or in league tables but by doing the legwork and investigating all the options.

Sorry but YABU - unless you have checked them all out then your default position seems not that much better than your DH's...

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