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Petty, probably but unreasonable?

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rubyloopy Mon 15-Sep-08 09:51:22

Message withdrawn

Carmenere Mon 15-Sep-08 09:53:35

Just go totally ballastic at all of them. Do this just once but do it so intensely that none of them will ever forget.

belgo Mon 15-Sep-08 09:55:55

YANBU! my dh tried to steal some of my salt and vinegar crisps last night - he doesn't even like them, there were other crisps for him in the cupboard, and he should know better then to try and steal crisps from an eight and a half pregnant woman!

rubyloopy Mon 15-Sep-08 10:00:14

Message withdrawn

ajm200 Mon 15-Sep-08 10:00:53

My DH always does this, I just buy enough for everyone now. It's easier.

Saying that, I was very unimpressed when he found the large family size bar of dairy milk that my friend bought me and scoffed the lot. It was hidden in the changing bag and she'd bought it as a treat for me becausing I was fed up with DH's behaviour.

mayorquimby Mon 15-Sep-08 10:38:31

surely the answer is to just buy more of the stuff.
if you have to buy less full fat stuff so be it, if they complain you tell them why there's no full fat stuff and then they can choose themselves.

Romy7 Mon 15-Sep-08 11:08:13

just buy more.
not worth the aggro really.
if there's enough for everyone they'll all go and munch on bread and choc.
don't post 'aibu - i have a whole cupboard of ryvita and no-one except me is eating it' though, eh? grin

rubyloopy Mon 15-Sep-08 11:43:12

Message withdrawn

Cattymum Mon 15-Sep-08 12:04:13

my dd loves my ryvita, she calls it "mummy toast"

do you have normal "high fat" treats in the cupboard, or do you avoid buying these in case you eat them? if you do have normal treats in then yanbu. if you dont then yab very u to expect them to watch you eating yummy lo fat stuff while they do without treats!

rubyloopy Mon 15-Sep-08 12:13:19

Message withdrawn

FairLadyRantALot Mon 15-Sep-08 12:15:16

thing is, low fat stuff often comes with a higher pricetack...therefore may not be a reasonable option for op? It wouldn't be for me...luckily, the only stuff I have to defend in this house are SW Hifi the younger two have decided they like certain flavours hmm

FairLadyRantALot Mon 15-Sep-08 12:16:17

erm pricetag, not tack

Reginaphilangy Mon 15-Sep-08 12:16:25

YANBU. This totally pisses me off!

Hide them ...

rubyloopy Mon 15-Sep-08 12:17:46

Message withdrawn

hecate Mon 15-Sep-08 12:18:55

Buy more of your stuff and no chocolate, biscuits or crisps or goodies of any description.

When they complain, look surprised and say "But I thought you liked this stuff, I did just get it for myself, while you had the goodies, but you always eat mine. I thought you'd be pleased."

hecate Mon 15-Sep-08 12:20:43

oh, x-post. If cost is a problem, put it in a little box at the bottom of the washing basket - they'll never find it there wink

Or stick notes to it

With a skull and crossbones, or a dagger, or something.

rubyloopy Mon 15-Sep-08 12:20:52

Message withdrawn

FairLadyRantALot Mon 15-Sep-08 12:49:20

lol hecate grin

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