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If someone said they were going to pop round 'after 6', how long 'after 6' would you deem is acceptable and how late would they have to be to be downright rude?

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ghosty Sun 14-Sep-08 10:54:04

It is 7.51pm and we are still waiting.
The person in question was coming round after 6 for a cuppa. We have postponed cooking dinner and now it is nearly 8 and DH is starving and I am now a bit pissed as I have had two glasses of wine on an empty stomach blush (my friend doesn't drink).
Is she being rude? Or is 'after 6' just that, 'after 6', and I could still be waiting at 11?

SoupDragon Sun 14-Sep-08 10:55:17

I would have expected them before 7 tbh.

Frizbe Sun 14-Sep-08 10:55:35

I'd expect that person within the half hour, if it was after 6, hour max, or it'd be after 7 right?

WideWebWitch Sun 14-Sep-08 10:57:03

I'd have expected before 7 tbh
Eat anyway!

Blu Sun 14-Sep-08 10:57:05

Oh, get on with your dinner - they would be throroughly inreasonable to be surprised that you were having dinner when they arrived.
It sounds casual, so it's casual enough fo you to at while they have a cuppa!

DorrisMcWhirter Sun 14-Sep-08 10:58:44

After 6 means between 6 and 6.45 (precise I know!) IMO. 7 at the latest. ANytime after that warrents being after 7.
Maybe not being rude as such, but certainly not thinking!
When did she turn up? {totally nosey emoticon}

TrinityRhino Sun 14-Sep-08 10:59:31

I wouldn't have waited to eat
they said they would be round at a time when you would obviously be doing other things

maybe they meant they dont finish work till 6 so it would be way after??

but if my mate had said this to me I would have thought before 7

DorrisMcWhirter Sun 14-Sep-08 10:59:34

Durrrr. Sorry, just noted the time of your post!!

MrsFluffleHasAWuffle Sun 14-Sep-08 11:00:24

within the hour I would have said. It's a hate of mine too, why people cannot commit to an actual time and then stick to it, I don't know...

ghosty Sun 14-Sep-08 11:07:08

Hmmmm ... it is now 8.06 and she still isn't here.
Hmmmm ...

ghosty Sun 14-Sep-08 11:08:41

Going ahead with dinner so no probs there but DH and I thought we would feed the kids early then wait until my friend came round and then eat at around 8.30 in front of a movie or something.
I'll ring her.

compo Sun 14-Sep-08 11:09:20

I would text her to ask where she is and if she'd like to join you for dinner
tbh it sounds like she's not coming sad
How rude though!

LazyLinePainterJane Sun 14-Sep-08 11:19:17

between 6 and 7, 7 onwards is "after 7"....yes?

ghosty Sun 14-Sep-08 11:24:00

I tried to ring and no answer on her mobile. I am worried something my have happened to her [worried]. Or she is on her way of course, and hasn't picked up the phone as she is driving.

paddingtonbear1 Sun 14-Sep-08 11:33:40

when my friends and I meet at each others houses on a sunday, we say 'after 3'. What we really mean is between 3 and 4 - if we're going to be later than that we'd send a text.
has she turned up yet?

MuffinMclay Sun 14-Sep-08 11:37:39

To me 'after 6' means between 6 and 6.30/6.45. Otherwise I'd call it 'about 7ish', or 'after 7' (or 8, or 9..). Sounds incredibly rude, but perhaps there's an innocent explanation (car problem, phone problem).

imananny Sun 14-Sep-08 11:41:20

agree after 6 means 6 till about 6.45 or you would say 7

it is bloody rude of your friend,esp as she knows you have children so much later you would be sorting out bath/bed routine

I personally wouldnt have delayed dinner

did she ever turn up and at waht time?

If she coudnt have made it or was delayed a simple text/call would have been polite!!

ghosty Sun 14-Sep-08 12:40:46

Well, I phoned her home at 9pm and her husband said she had gone to bed at 5 as she wasn't well - so there is a good reason she didn't come.... but why did she ring me at 4 and say she was coming 'after 6' then go to bed at 5 without ringing me to say she had changed her mind? V. Strange.

I don't know her hugely well and this is still quite a fledgeling friendship.

I shall proceed with caution hmm

ilovemydog Sun 14-Sep-08 12:43:23

You are toooo nice! smile

Spink Sun 14-Sep-08 12:58:45

maaybe she suddenly felt sick or a headache came on, or period pains hit or something. A bit odd, but sometimes feeling bad can come on quickly, and she just may've needed to take to her bed. I've done something similar before where I've thought "I'll just lie down for 10 mins and rest before I go out" and woken up 14 hours later....

babyignoramus Sun 14-Sep-08 15:26:11

6.05. But I'm anal. grin

jawjawnotwarwar Sun 14-Sep-08 15:37:02

She should have texted if she was going to be that late. Sounds like she's having a bad day.

cwtchy Sun 14-Sep-08 22:59:27

Last week my friend said she would be calling in between 1-1.30. She turned up at 10 am the next morning! Now I am not the world's greatest timekeeper but that was late even by my standards shock

Cadmum Mon 15-Sep-08 09:29:01

I would proceed with caution...

We were expecting new friends for dinner a few months ago and by the time they were over an hour late I rang her to find out if they were OK.

Her reply floored me: They had been invited round to other friends after church. Her children were well ensconced and she didn't want to interrupt their play-date...

I haven't heard from her since. I suspect that she felt embarrassed but whatever the reason it is slightly hmm.

Sometimes it is better to find out early on...

ghosty Mon 15-Sep-08 09:33:59

Cadmum shock! That's awful ...

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