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To have sworn at boy racers in front of my DS

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roseability Sun 14-Sep-08 10:20:33

Me, DH and DS went out for tea last night

On a very narrow country road we almost had a head on collision with a couple of lads driving unbelievably fast round a blind corner. They almost lost control of their car

Followed by 2 more cars containing boy racers. The third car had to stop so my DH wound down the window and gave the driver a torrent of abuse which did contain swear words.

I feel bad that we swore and my DH was quite threatening but we were so angry with my DS in the car. The driver did look embarrased and I got the impression it had made him think. I mean it was for their own good as well. Their life would be ruined if they killed or injured someone/a child.

Were we unreasonable? I understand what it is like to be young, I was no perfect teenager but when lives are at risk...

FairLadyRantALot Sun 14-Sep-08 11:01:04

I think I would have done the same...and no not good to swear infront of your Kids...but wel, there are situations when one just can't help oneself...

It still was possibly unreasonable, but are only human, right!

ethanchristopher Sun 14-Sep-08 11:05:40

as long as you arent swearing at your kids and you dont swear often its okay

and they sound like utter pricks

SoupDragon Sun 14-Sep-08 11:07:57

As a result, you will hear about your DSs "wide and varied vocabulary" and panic.

mshadowsisfab Sun 14-Sep-08 11:17:10


serenity Sun 14-Sep-08 11:27:06

The car is the only place the DCs have given me 'permission' to swear blush Dh told be off once after I got particularly inventive and DS1 said 'That's Ok Daddy, Mummy's allowed to say bad words in the car'

(I do try really hard not to, honestly)

So, YANBU and neither was your DH. My brother was a of a 'boy racer' and it took two stays in intensive care before he calmed down on the road (thank god it was him and not some poor stranger) If someone could have made him think before all that it would have been fabulous.

Aarrgghh Sun 14-Sep-08 11:27:13

I once swore at a group of teenagers who were behaving like a bunch of twits...i called them a bunch of tossers. DS was only 16/17 months - he repeated the word tosser - for the next few weeks when i saw this group of boys they said 'thats the woman who makes her baby swear' blush blush blush

Have never done this since

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