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childminder says changing nappy makes her feel a bit sick!!!!!

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sparklylucy Sat 13-Sep-08 20:24:03

I hav e a new childminder for my 18 month old. (She is DC3). I have always used washable nappies for my dc's and have never come across a problem before, once people get the hang of them. However the new childminder has asked if she can put Dc into disposables (at my expense). She says 'to be honest I don't like the smell, it makes me feel a bit sick' ...This is after 2 days of trying and she only has her for one day a week AIBU to feel that a childminder should be able to cope with a bit of wee and poo?

Twelvelegs Sat 13-Sep-08 20:25:14

Find someone else, they're expensive enough without having to buy nappies.

sparklylucy Sat 13-Sep-08 20:26:42

mm that's what i feel too.

aGalChangedHerName Sat 13-Sep-08 20:26:44

I hated using washables for a mindee a few years ago but i would never have said to mum tbh.

It is up to you to decide what nappies you use for your dc.
Think she is being rude!!

yummymummy1405 Sat 13-Sep-08 20:26:48

YANBU she shouldnt be a childminder if she doesnt want to deal with a bit of poo.

aGalChangedHerName Sat 13-Sep-08 20:31:55

I did think they smelt awful. I hated being at toddlers and having to have the nappy in a bag under the buggy till i got home etc. I didn't have a problem with the poo either,it was the smell of the nappy.

But it is your choice as a parent to decide on nappies.

Twelvelegs Sat 13-Sep-08 20:32:46

Now for the whole business of finding another, good luck!!
PS Make sure you take a poo filled nappy with you to test the response!! wink

sparklylucy Sat 13-Sep-08 20:37:23

Thankyou for your replies everyone. Its not so much the not liking its the fact that it makes her feel sick - that is what irritates me . I childmind myself for the other 4 days of the week and just would not be that rude - i woke up in a cold sweat last night wondering if everyone else felt sick when they came anywhere near us but hadn't the heart to tell me!!!!!!!

tissy Sat 13-Sep-08 20:44:08


the contents of the nappy are the same whether you use washables or not! And a wet disposable smells far worse than a wet cloth nappy!

Is she bothered by the smell whilst it is on the baby, or the fact that she has to store the nappy for you?

Could you get some flushable liners, so she can tip (most of) the poo in the loo?

aGalChangedHerName Sat 13-Sep-08 20:57:12

I think a washable smells much worse actually,but it matters not. If she had a problem with it she should have told you before contracts were signed.

KatyMac Sat 13-Sep-08 21:00:20

I think she has issues

I think she is rude

I think she has no understanding of 'Working in Partnership with Parents'

Her reaction is completely out of order tbh

catsmother Sat 13-Sep-08 21:24:34

I think she's rude too.

Maybe she does feel sick ..... but in her chosen profession she shouldn't be saying so. If you work with babies you have to accept a certain amount of wee, poo and vomit, end of.

bloomingfedup Sat 13-Sep-08 21:28:34

I think she is being unreasonable to ask you to supply reusuables.shock It could be seen as rude to say that she feels sick but on the other hand she maybe being honest! I peronally think that changing someone else child's shitty nappy can make you feel sick.blush You do get used to it as a childcare worker. Tell her you are not happy to supply

TheConfusedOne Sat 13-Sep-08 21:33:02

I always found that cloth nappies smelt less!, Put the liner down the toilet, rinse the nappy and put in a bag, much less smell than a disposable.

Unfortunately I haven't had a Mum that has used cloth nappies in years sad

ilovemydog Sat 13-Sep-08 21:37:38

YANBU - a friend of mine uses disposables and it makes me sick walking past her bin. The trash is collected every 2 weeks shock

Could you supply a wet bag? And she just dumps the used diapers in there? I can't see the difference between that process and a disposable.

DS was recently at a nursery in London where thet only used resuables, so it can be done!

Oh, and apparently, even if using disposables, one is supposed to flush the poo down the toilet, so what's the difference? It's not as if you are asking her to wash them also?

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