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to want a little bit of peace?

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BadgerQueen Sat 13-Sep-08 19:58:14

My living room smells of next door's bar-b-que. My hall smells of down-stair's fags. I can hear next door on the left's tellies (with surround sound) in my living room (and can't really hear our tv) and another in our bedroom and the lads that live there have all their windows open and don't seem able to speak with out yelling f* and c*. Next door right are "having some friends over" which seems to include a lot very large men shouting at the front by their cars and at the back with said bar-b-q and in their kitchen (with their tops off - wtf?). I am just waiting for downstairs to come back and begin their Saturday night argument which they like to have under our bedroom till 2am (with their telly on - they shout I think so that they can be heard over it). Someone is testing their new motor bike by riding it up and down the street while reving the engine as much as possible and there has been a police helicopter hovering on and off (feels about 50 feet above the house) as it does every Friday and Saturday. I would use ear plugs/phones, but we have two sleeping (for how long) little girls to listen out for. I know its Saturday night, but bloody hell. Can anyone guess where we live?


LittleMyDancing Sat 13-Sep-08 20:09:13

um...downtown Basra? the Sunset Strip?

sounds awful, you poor thing. I would lean out the window and pour buckets of water over everyone. grin

ilovemydog Sat 13-Sep-08 20:12:06


BadgerQueen Sat 13-Sep-08 20:22:53

Brilliant, downstairs have started early and woken the baby and six men are tending 6x6inch b-b-q outside the kitchen which is producing more smoke than the bloody chunnel fire. Am too scared to tackle them. Anyone got a spare (soundproof) room we could move into?

ethanchristopher Sat 13-Sep-08 21:22:45


cheshirekitty Sat 13-Sep-08 21:30:01

When your little one wakes you up at 6am, put telly on VERY LOUD.

Open all your windows and put the ghetto blaster on VERY LOUD.

BadgerQueen Sat 13-Sep-08 22:40:13

They are still bar-b-qing - in the dark, and half naked.

And yes Cheshirekitty tomorrow we are going to get some fresh air with musical accompaniment as soon as my girls stir - which has been around 5 this past week (this may also account for my ranting). Wish me luck for the night shift.

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