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to want to strangle this driver.

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cheshirekitty Sat 13-Sep-08 16:05:38

Was driving in the middle of Manchester. Came to a box junction and stopped as my exit was not clear. The car behind me started to hoot her horn. Exit became clear, so I drove through. The car behind me then drove next to me (road became 2 lanes) and did the 2 finger salute. Forgive me, but aren't you supposed to leave a box junction clear?

scaryteacher Sat 13-Sep-08 16:29:16

Console yourself with the thought that when she gets caught in a yellow box, she will be fined lots of money.

I live in Belgium and get hooted all the time as most Belgians seem to drive with their palm welded to their horn. I have learnt to ignore this.

You are right, she is wrong.

naturalblonde Sat 13-Sep-08 17:09:41

I think you can stop in a box junction if you are turning right.

Was still rude of her though.

hatwoman Sat 13-Sep-08 17:16:13

if you strangle yours I'll strangle mine...this afternoon I was driving along a main road and someone who was parked - facing towards me but on my side of the road - pulled straight out infront of me, causing me to slam my brakes on. I neither beeped nor gesticulated I just let him carry on pulling out. as he pulled past me he looked like he was going to make a hand gesture, which I assumed would be a slightly sheepish sorry/thank you wave but no. it was two fingers shock. what manner of logic could he possibly be aplying to think I was in the wrong?? I was dumbstruck. totally dumbstruck.

cheshirekitty - you were right. she was wrong. and a bad driver if she responds to perceived road injustice in this way. cow. grin

Ripeberry Sat 13-Sep-08 19:00:28

They are all at it, the "Stupid Saturday drivers".
Today, was just driving home from helping my dad do some housework at his house in Cardiff when this old bloke in front was going quite slowly and started to turn left into a side street without indicating and then he pulls back out again almost hitting my car!
Gave me a great big long blare on the horn and then the road turned into 2 lanes so could overtake.
But even then, he was giving me fingers and he looked like he was 95yrs!, but i think he was listening too closely to his Sat Nav, without actually looking at the road.

Ripeberry Sat 13-Sep-08 19:03:55

Oh yeah and later on the motorway, i was in the outside lane of a two lane road and coming up to a joining slip road and a NUTTER with his right arm hanging out of the window, just carries on driving up the inside and makes a car trying to join almost crash into him and then the NUTTER slams on his brakes to intimidate the poor motorist who was trying to join.
Hate coming up to joinging slip roads as i don't like being the "meat" in the sandwich so to speak.

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