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To expect the kids dad to grow up a bit?

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MrsSnape Sat 13-Sep-08 15:34:03

My boy's father is 28 but he acts like a 13 year old. He has never had much interest in the kids and basically only see's them as much as he "has to" iyswim? We split up 4 yeas ago, mainly because of his attitude and overall personality!

Anyway, my point...

He is a terrible role model for the kids.

When he was living with his girlfriend he used to drink lager all weekend whilst getting her kids to watch my two. He let my 7 year old drink lager (who now has a taste for it, asks for it all the time...he genuinly likes it and would drink himself ill if he was allowed...and no I don't give him it!). He would KICK his cats around the house (she did too), during an argument he threw a glass onto the floor and it smashed near them, his GF then had to clean it watched all this.

Then they split up (un-suprisingly) and he lives with his mother again. Last time he took them out DS told me he was going 100MPH down the motorway angry. Last weekend he turned up at 2pm and took them to the cinema (they were really excited to be seeing star wars) and when they got there he realised it was only showing once that day and they'd missed it. So rather than simply going to another cinema (there are 4 nearby!) or actually CHECKING THE BLOODY LISTINGS LIKE ANYONE ELSE WOULD, he stood there...outside the cinema where there are families with little kids etc ffing and blinding very loudly, calling the cinema "cock-suckers" and "stupid bastards" etc...and the kids thought it was funny. I asked why on earth they thought that was funny and DS2 said "you should have seen the look on everyone elses face, they were really scared!" and DS1 said "yeah, I think they thought Dad was a nutcase".

How do I handle this? he is a terrible role model but the kids enjoy seeing him, I can't stop contact. I have told him not to act like that near the kids and he laughes it off.

MrsSnape Sat 13-Sep-08 16:29:50


KVC Sat 13-Sep-08 16:48:12

Message withdrawn

tootiredtothink Sat 13-Sep-08 16:51:47

I have no advice but i am happy to call him a wanker for you. Wanker

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