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To not want to wipe my nephew's bum?

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Upwind Thu 11-Sep-08 15:06:35

My DH's nephew has just turned 4 and was visiting last night with SIL. He called me to wipe his bum having done a spectacularly stinky poo.

He wanted me to wipe it, but I said it was a job for Mummy grin I've no doubt she would have preferred that I deal with it. So was I being unreasonable, would you have done it?

flipflopper Thu 11-Sep-08 15:07:52

If the mum was there I would leave it to her!

Dropdeadfred Thu 11-Sep-08 15:08:11

Not if his mum was there no.

hifi Thu 11-Sep-08 15:08:59

i cant remember how many othere arses i have wiped,its now payback time, im glad i did it.

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

zippitippitoes Thu 11-Sep-08 15:09:26

no mums job lol

RonAndHarry Thu 11-Sep-08 15:10:19

Aww he wanted you

Upwind Thu 11-Sep-08 15:10:54

Great, so far IANBU. Not sure if it is a particular honour that he specifically wanted me to do it hmm

squeaver Thu 11-Sep-08 15:11:06

His job really, surely?

Or his mum's if she's there.

Or yours if none of the above applies.

nailpolish Thu 11-Sep-08 15:11:46

yes if course i would have done it

hes only 4 fgs

Upwind Thu 11-Sep-08 15:12:37

MMJ, I do love him. Still did not fancy that task, okay maybe I was unreasonable, but I don't think SIL minded.

gonaenodaethat Thu 11-Sep-08 15:12:39

Why is he not wiping his own bum?

BroccoliSpears Thu 11-Sep-08 15:13:41

Meh - I could do it but wouldn't particularly choose to, especially if his mother was there.

Although I remember being thrilled once when my lovely friend volunteered to change my baby's stinky nappy!! She had her own baby, so not short of stinky nappies of her own either. It was the one and only time anyone other than dp or myself changed her nappy. <blissful memory>

Upwind Thu 11-Sep-08 15:13:44

In my defence I was surprised that he couldn't just do it himself.

serenity Thu 11-Sep-08 15:13:51

DD manages to time having a poo for any time when my sister is there and I'm hiding busy. I've wiped the bums of many small children, not all related to me (although I'm glad that we seem to have got through that stage now)

YANBU to not want to do it (who actually does?) but it wasn't a weird request, and yes I would have done it automatically.

kitbit Thu 11-Sep-08 15:14:54

I think I would leave it for Mum unless specifically requested to help by a little one. poo is poo is poo, however someone else's poo is ... well ... someone else's poo

niceglasses Thu 11-Sep-08 15:15:30

I've done it, still do it. Don't enjoy it - but then you'd be odd if you did.!

Thankfully, getting to the end of that stage too!

francagoestohollywood Thu 11-Sep-08 15:16:41

I would have wiped, he is only 4.

zippitippitoes Thu 11-Sep-08 15:19:23

i avoid such things now if possible when you have small children you do it autonatically but once you havent had to it definitely becomes a no thanks unless you cant avoid it

Songbird Thu 11-Sep-08 15:20:36

We were on holiday at my mum and dad’s place in France in the spring and my brother and his family were there too. We were all enjoying a long late leisurely boozey lunch outside and suddenly dd (then just 3) comes out of the kitchen crawling along on hands and feet with her arse in the air! She’d done a poo all by herself and wanted someone to wipe her bum (good job they’ve got a downstairs loo!). Needless to say we all pissed ourselves, and it was me that got up to wipe her! That’s one for her 21st!

batters Thu 11-Sep-08 15:21:30

I was asked by my niece to do this (she's also 4) a little while ago. I also passed this particularly job (geddit, sorry) onto her mum.

However have done it lots for a friend's child when friend been busy.

Upwind Thu 11-Sep-08 15:23:10

I have no small children (though will very soon) so it was not automatic and have not actually wiped his bum since he was in nappies.

I have minded him, but in recent months I must have miraculously avoided poos since he always seemed capable of using the toilet independently and even flushing and washing hands. So I thought it was a really surprising request! Though if his Mum had not been in the next room, I'd obviously have wiped.

Upwind Thu 11-Sep-08 15:24:35

LOL Songbird!!!

I guess I have more years of bum wiping ahead than I'd anticipated shock

francagoestohollywood Thu 11-Sep-08 15:24:35

I agree upwind, it's not the most automatic thing that springs to my mind!

Twiglett Thu 11-Sep-08 15:24:53

4 year old should be wiping his own bum ..

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