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To feel bitter about the past?

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MrsSnape Thu 11-Sep-08 14:04:54

I feel quite angry lately.

My younger sister is currently at the worst school in Hull, it has been all over the papers these past few days and is probably one the worst schools in Britain.

It has ALWAYS been a terrible school.

Anyway before my mum met her current husband I was at one of the best schools in Hull. But he lived at the other end of the city but I was promised I'd never need to leave this school...I could just get the two busses every day and I was happy with this. I loved that school.

But, a few months in my mum decided I would go to this shit hole real explanation given.

Anyway my mum is now saying she regrets ever sending my sister to shit hole school hmm (but it was fine for me!) and wants to move her to MY old school hmm how ironic. My grandma then said "Oh I don't think you should...MrsSnape changed to 'shit school' because she didn't like getting two buses every day" shock so my mum said "no it wasn't that, I made her change school as 'shit school' was closer and it saved on bus fairs" shock

So basically I was moved from one of the best schools in Hull to the worst simply to save a few quid a week?

I was then bullied for the rest of my time at school and failed all my exams. I swear if I'd been left at the other school I would have done so much better.

I feel annoyed about it, why the hell would you put your kid into a rough school that you knew nothing about just to save a few quid a week??

Am I being unreasonable? I know its all in the past but as soon as her 'new family' came along I really feel like I was pushed out so she could concentrate on them (I was also thrown out as soon as I turned 16 btw with no money and nowhere to go).

LoveMyGirls Thu 11-Sep-08 14:09:01

Have you talked to your mum about it? I can see why it feels you were treated unfairly. Was it really about the money or was she worried about your safety travelling all that way? She may have reasons that she didn't explain at the time?

MrsSnape Thu 11-Sep-08 14:11:10

No it was all about the money. I wouldn't mind but they were loaded at the time, going on two holidays a year and wasting huge ammounts of money on daft stuff.

She was never worried about my safety, she used to give me money to go out drinking around the city centre in biker bars at the age of 15. Just to get me out of the way I think.

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