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To be pissed off that my boiler has broken down and I can't get it fixed until the 26th!!

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Janos Wed 10-Sep-08 21:04:55

Engineer cannot come out until then. I'm in a council flat and could maybe call a gas engineer out but have no idea how much it will cost!

I am on my own with a 3 year old.

OK, It could be worse in that we are out the house for a large portion of the day (I work) and I can at least get hot water due to an immersion heater.

I have no other source of heat and will probably have to buy something.

I'm in Edinburgh and it's bloody cold!

misi Wed 10-Sep-08 21:13:13

isn't the boiler a gas leak hazard wink wink?????
hasn't your mouth/lips been feeling a bit dry of late until the boiler broke wink wink
a bit headachy at times???

maybe at last something is better in england than in scotland? my local council have to prioritise housing/repair problems where there are kids under 5 or adults over 70 in the house but I don't see why edinburgh city council would be any different?

phone again and lay it on, it may have been a case of them offering you a call out and if you didn't complain/let them know about your young child, they wouldn't ask anymore?

Janos Wed 10-Sep-08 21:13:34

Hmmm, maybe IANBU...but does anyone have any advice? grin

TheInvisableManDidIt Wed 10-Sep-08 21:14:25

janos, is this the coucil's gas maintenance provider that can't come out to the 26th?

not sure about your council, but this would most definately be against council regulations where i stay. 24hr wait at most. If not fixable then they should provide yuo with electric heaters.

If this is coucils gas dept, call your local coucillor and get him/her to kickthemupthearse intervene on your behalf.

Janos Wed 10-Sep-08 21:15:38

Hmm...I hadn't thought of that misi and you know I have been feeling quite headachey of late...grin

I did say I had a small child. They said sorry, that makes no difference. Phoned twice, spoke to two different people.

Think I'm going to try them again tomorrow.

TheInvisableManDidIt Wed 10-Sep-08 21:15:54

oh, and if all else fails, tell them you have a water leak as this should be a priority call

misi Wed 10-Sep-08 21:18:34

ah yes, forgot that one, the boiler seems to be leaking somewhere underneath that you can't see!!

Janos Wed 10-Sep-08 21:21:42

Thanks all for advice. I am going to call again tomorrow as I had a feeling this wasn't right.

I was pretty shocked to be honest.

TheInvisibleManDidIt Thu 11-Sep-08 16:51:19

How did you get on Janos?

Janos Thu 11-Sep-08 17:10:31

Sorry I meant to come and post back - it's actually working again today - somewhat random - I don't know what happened!

I'm keeping an eye on it though.

We are away for the weekend on Saturday to my Mums though so will contact them again if it's causing a problem on Monday.

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