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To have awful thoughts about these two boys ??

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Imnotok Wed 10-Sep-08 18:27:17

OMG I hate these boys ,they are right now riding a motorbike up and down the street police say they will send someone if they have a car about later hmm.
Dp saw them throw a brick at an elderly ladies head and he chased them becauseof this they hammered on my door with a metal pole .
They have threatened my brother and he is too scared to leave the house and has stopped going on his ema course because of them as they have told him they are going to kill him on msn.
They smashed every window in a house up the road after the woman caught them damaging her car and rang the police ,when they smashed the windows her boys all under 6 were in bed .
They steal they are rude and one of their mums just says she can't control him.

Community officers have been out and they answer them back ,police officers wont come out but if they do they say there is nothing they can do .

I hate them and I hate my dc growing up around this .

themildmanneredjanitor Wed 10-Sep-08 18:28:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Upwind Wed 10-Sep-08 18:31:38


this is terrible

Are they in council or rented housing? So you could also complain to the housing officer or landlord?

If the police won't deal with problems like this, I worry that vigilante/mafia style groups will emerge.

Janos Wed 10-Sep-08 18:32:01

No you aren't! Poor you. They sound awful.

Can't believe how crap the police are being. Do youthink you will get any joy if you keep hassling them? (the police, I mean).

ethanchristopher Wed 10-Sep-08 18:32:55


okay so the police can do something because there is enough evidence.

you need to call them with the evidence fvrom all your neighbours

donnie Wed 10-Sep-08 18:35:29

they threw a brick at an elderly lady's head? they sound awful . YANBU at all - where is their dad? has anyone ever spoken to him about this?

I agree also with Upwind - the idea of people taking matters into their own hands is inevitable .....

Pria Wed 10-Sep-08 18:42:58

Police can and should be arresting the little shits, plenty to choose from by the sounds of it from harrassment up.

I would call Police and ask to speak to the community Inspector covering your area.Talk about evidence your eyewitness and family accounts.

Explain your frustrations at lack of action and that you will be keeping a diary of the anti social/ criminal behaviour blighting your area. On each occasion call Police and log the out come, did not attend, attended three hours later etc.

Police can use covert cameras amongst other things to collate evidence if witnesses are intimidated into not coming forward
State you will be contacting the Superintendent with these details if no satisfactory outcome.

Wish you luck

Imnotok Wed 10-Sep-08 18:45:09

I think one of the boys dad is dead .
I have kept hassling the police they just tell me to keep a log then everytime we ring again you have to start a new complaint .
It is council housing they live in and I know numerous people have complained to council (Including me and my mum) but no outcome .
They threw the brick at the woman for no reason at all my dp was on his way back from work and she was stood at the busstop and they were taunting her dp said next minute her head was pouring . He chased them but police wouldn't do anything 'cos the lady had gone and they never got a complaint from her.
What upsets me most is my brother he was so confodent and now has lost it all he wont even go to the shops or walk to my house ,they are actually ruining his life.

Imnotok Wed 10-Sep-08 18:47:16

Pria ...I was thinking of contacting the CI do you really think it would help ?
Do you think it would help if I arranged a meeting and asked neighbours /people affected by it to come along and all of us talk to the police together?

noonki Wed 10-Sep-08 18:58:51

Imnotok -

I think that would help, but organise a meeting about anti-social behaviour in general otherwise it could be seen as a witch hunt

also it could result in you being targeted by the kids more

write a log of time date etc of everything that happens

contact their landlord (HA/council) if private contact private housing department in council

see if council has anti-social behaviour department

and contact your MP they can often push things along (I work for housing and the council is scared of MPs)

Pria Thu 11-Sep-08 00:19:29

Imnotok, Good advice from Noonki. Though think what you have described in terms of witnessed assualt has to be Police matter. If they are not acting, and they should, then holding them to account is about all you can do. Confirm Police are also scared of MP involvement and telling CI you are writing if no joy would help too.

Getting other witnesses to contact CI independently may be best bet rather than going en masse, can look a bit of a posse! Also sounds like some would be legitamately afraid of reprisals.

Sounds like Police know the family and they may already have a Youth Offending Team member working with them.

Police also have regular meetings with Council re problem areas, you really just need to keep pushing this one through the Police to get this case in the loop with some action behind it.

Good luck let us know what happens

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