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To send DS1 (4) with a Carlsberg drawstring bag for his PE bag?

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FourArms Tue 09-Sep-08 07:48:38


Flamesparrow Tue 09-Sep-08 07:53:45

<snurk> If Carlsberg made school uniform.....

JudgeNutmeg Tue 09-Sep-08 07:54:13

One of mine has one. It matches the school colours. He also has a Haribo sports bag too which is much admired. All we need now is a Fruit-Shoot bottle cover.....

FourArms Tue 09-Sep-08 08:00:08

Well I've settled for an 'oblivion' bag, which is probably just as bad, unless you know that's the name of a ride at Alton Towers! We did have loads of drawstring bags kicking around...

I'd buy a fruit shoot bottle cover if they made one - would save me refilling ours with water for v.brand aware DS2!

Shoshe Tue 09-Sep-08 08:07:26

A lot of my toy boxes are Budweiser boxes (they were a promo a few years ago, plastic with lids to use as ice boxes) and I'm a CM grin

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