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to think that pizza express could have told me they did't have any sundried tomatoes when I ordered my food and not have tried to pass off half a cherry tomato instead and they could have checked ds's glass before they gave it to him because it had a big chip in the top?

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AvenaLife Mon 08-Sep-08 23:20:58

I'm still pissed off about this. We had to wait ages for the food aswell. The starter just wasn't the same without sundried tomato and oil. sad

Sycamoretree Mon 08-Sep-08 23:33:10

Just found you here - I am talking you. YANBU - I have special interest - know someone's DH who is a Pizza Express manager - they have protocol for everything they serve up - they even have to put your bottle of coke the right way round at the table. Best thing in the world is to complain to their Head Office. We did this with Carluccios who were utterly shit twice in a row - we got a free three course dinner first complaint - where they served me rancid lasagne - after that we complained again and got big hamper of Carluccio's goodies - hurrah for taking the time to whinge online. Go for it - you'll be up to your eyes in free dough balls for life grin

Sycamoretree Mon 08-Sep-08 23:33:27


AvenaLife Mon 08-Sep-08 23:37:21

Lol! We love dough balls. I must spend a fortune in the place, it's rediculous. They were quite busy, had to wait for our food for ages (45 minutes), wine on an empty stomach is not good! They told everyone after us there was a 30 minute wait for food (not us though), the tomatoes really pissed me off, as did ds's glass.
We've had glass on ds's plate before (I didn't have to pay for his meal), it can be hit and miss. I had to go to sainsburys after to sort out my fix for sundried tomato. Bastards! grin

Sycamoretree Mon 08-Sep-08 23:49:31

I loved my sundried toms too - and not sunblushed - they just don't cut it the same do they - they're a bit half arsed.

bloomingfedup Tue 09-Sep-08 00:02:51

Go to Morrisons, there large PE pizzas are half price at mo!smile

AvenaLife Tue 09-Sep-08 00:04:20

I've tried that. The pollo ad astra just don't taste the same. They are so yummy! Thanks though. I'll clear the freezer and stock up. grin

KerryMum Tue 09-Sep-08 00:04:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AvenaLife Tue 09-Sep-08 00:10:56

I tried to, ds decided he'd want to moan om my behalf though and I got too embarassed. I suggested they should have told me when I ordered and asked for some dressing because it was too dry. I moaned about ds's glass. I may email head office tomorrow.

LittlePushka Tue 09-Sep-08 00:19:44

The self same esablishment which tried to pass off dried oregano as fresh basil....barmy!

AvenaLife Tue 09-Sep-08 00:20:57

Lol! There's a saying , 'if you pay peanuts you get monkeys!'

LittlePushka Tue 09-Sep-08 00:29:38

Whaat?!! I did not think £5.95 for a three raw ingredients and a splash of balsamic was peanuts!!!

I hate chipped glsses but I hate lipstick marks on glasses even more! Yuk

S1ur Tue 09-Sep-08 00:32:21

It is crap when meals out go badly.

Sundried toms v different from other fresh varieties. Obv.

I would look elsewhere for next meal out.

AvenaLife Tue 09-Sep-08 00:35:23

I'm going to complain. I spend alot of money there as we go fairly often (when I have the cash). I can't believe they think their customers are stupid enough to not know the difference between sundried tomatoes and cherry tomatoes.

I hate lipstick too, it's just lazy, they should be wiping the glasses before they put them in the wash.

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