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to be upset that DH's aunt told us she doesn't like one of BIL's kids?

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stroppyshopper Sun 07-Sep-08 23:00:19

DH's aunt said that she likes BIL's other kids well enough, but found being around his oldest (5 years old) "very hard going." And repeated it (with emphasis and knowing glances) three times while we were visiting. And also made a point of telling me how lovely and likeable my little boy is, almost making a comparison. (It was thinly veiled.)

It really ticked me off. I don't really get on with BIL, but I can't believe an auntie would say such a thing about a child. And she did so in front of my son, who happens to adore his cousin.

Told DH that I found it upsetting, and warned him that she'll someday say the same about our kids, for sure. He agreed, but I got the feeling he was just humouring me.

AIBU? Because I worry that I may be... and am having a hard time just forgetting about it. Feel that, on some level, I don't trust her anymore. Is that weird?

cheeset Sun 07-Sep-08 23:17:21

It was that knowing glance. Sometimes adults have their favourites, not saying I agree with it, just true.

Put it out of your mind, don't dwell on

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