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to feel disgruntled that ds2's grandparents have....

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for his 5th birtdya bought him a subscriptiopn to a magazine aimed at 6-9 year olds?

MatNanPlus Sat 06-Sep-08 11:29:27

oops think they got his year wrong or just careless choosing?

i can't decide if it's careless choosing or, more likely, a 'my grandchild is so incredibly clever and gifted that age appropriate stuff is beyond him' thing.

the same magazine does a version for 3-6 year olds which would be much better.

his brother gets dr who comic every week and he was so envy so he wanted a magazine-something simmiliar and fun.

so he gets thuis ort style thing that is beyond him and will need us to read to him.[sigh]

Bettyboobird Sat 06-Sep-08 11:33:14

Perhaps they think he is really advanced?!

dd's grandparents forgot her 1st birthday altogether! When reminded, they presented us with a garden seat for dd-how age appropriate(!)

I guess it's the thought that counts!

DisasterArea Sat 06-Sep-08 11:42:54

disgruntled is a very good word. they possibly don't realise it is too old for him. any chance of changing it?

i don't kniow. will have to look into it.

is tiresome.
he'd have been happier with a bog standard comic tbh.
god that makes me sound really ungrateful.

MatNanPlus Sat 06-Sep-08 11:44:56

TMMS could you call up the company and say there seems to have been a mistake as the 3-6yo magazine was subscribed to, but you have recieved a 6-9yo one?

Would the GP change it?

DisasterArea Sat 06-Sep-08 11:49:23

not ungreatful at all. just a shame that something he could have really liked and enoyed turns out to be just a bit wrong.

have phoned them up and they have transferred the subscription to the younger one! sorted.

MatNanPlus Sat 06-Sep-08 12:45:00

YEAH Brill.

Will GP's be annoyed?

LynetteScavo Sat 06-Sep-08 12:45:20

You should have beeen flattered - they obviously think he's very bright!

he is! butnot that bright!grin

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