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to think my Father is a waste of space and my sister is a mug to him AHHHHHHHH!!!!!

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flippingannoyed Thu 04-Sep-08 16:08:19

I am very annoyed its such a long story not sure where to start hmmm.

Me and my little sister were brought up in an abusive family home which we lived with my Father and Step mother and 3 other sisters it got so bad I was put in care and my sister went to live with my Mother anyways 10 years later my sister had a DS who is now one and my father got back in contact with her and she has been to stay with them in the same family home with her DS. (which I disagreed with but that's her choice)

Anyways she called me this week and said that her MIL had made her homeless and basically her and her 1yr DS had no where to go So I said she could stay with me which is fine but I live in SW London and she wants to get a council house in Letchworth where my father lives and where we were brought up. I have explained to her that she will need to stay in Letchworth to be able to do this as the council won't be so helpful if she lives in a different area. Anyways there has been massive arguements this week between my Mother and sister as my Mother thinks my father should help her out and be the Father he should of been all these years.
I have said to my sister to speak to my father to see if she could stay with them as she goes there quite alot and stays for weeks so she called him and all of a sudden he has no room for her to stay there ( arsehole that he is) When I expressed to my sister that how is it possible for you to stay there for weeks on end but when he has to take responbilty he all of sudden has no space she sticks up for him AHHHH and says that there is not much space there and he is right. ALl of my family are pretty pissed off at the moment as my Father has once again let her down but no one will say anything to him and if you say anything to my Sister she sticks up for him and falls out with everyone WHY O WHY Does she stick up for this prick after everything and the one chance he had to make shit up with her he fails her again.

I now have to go to Shitty Letchworth at the weekend and sort out my sisters problems as its not Ideal for her to stay in London as she don't know anyone and I work full time also the fact she wants a council house there.

Would I be unreasonable to knock on my waste of a fathers door and give him a kick

Sorry rant over :-(

NotDoingTheHousework Thu 04-Sep-08 16:10:58

Message withdrawn

flippingannoyed Thu 04-Sep-08 16:15:40

She wants to stay there as they have "re-built" there relationship. I have said this to my sister but she is to over happy that he now speaks to her I don't know why and has put the past behind her. I have told her that she should think about her DS and if he is safe there she was even going to send him there for a week but I convienced her it was not a good idea with out her being there.

It is a pointless arguement with my sister so I have to let her get on with it I am just pissed now that when she doe's need him he lets her down and she falls out with everyone that says a bad word against this vile man. hmmmm

2beornot2be Thu 04-Sep-08 17:15:50

So why can she not just stay with you? How old is your sister?

2beornot2be Fri 05-Sep-08 11:26:07


Hello Flippingannoyed how's things?

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