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to expect my lodgers to take out the recycling and rubbish once in a while.....

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kikishushu Thu 04-Sep-08 09:37:13

or is that my job, because it's my house? Would be nice if they offered to help with the housework too but I guess thats asking too much!

LynetteScavo Thu 04-Sep-08 09:46:15

They probably need to be asked!

LadyMuck Thu 04-Sep-08 09:47:38

You need to ask, and imo it depends on what facilities they are sharing with you.

mishymoo Thu 04-Sep-08 09:48:10

Can you not suggest/discuss some kind of roster that everyone agrees to?

2point4kids Thu 04-Sep-08 09:48:12

Yes, you should ask them.
I wouldnt do housework if I lodged in someone elses house either I have to say!
I'd keep my own room tidy and obviously wash up dishes I used, clean mess I made etc but I wouldnt do the general houseowrk for them!

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