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To think the words 'daylight' and 'robbery' sum this up?

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mamhaf Wed 03-Sep-08 20:46:34

Called into get some petrol and a few groceries at the Somerfield convenience store on my way home.

We needed rice - brown is healthier - I picked up a 500g bag of Tilda brown basmati rice, without checking the price on the shelf.

When I got the checkout, I thought they'd made a mistake £3.58.

No mistake, that was right.

I swapped it for the Somerfield own brand white basmati - hell with the healthy option this time.

The same brown one is £2.17 from Ocado.

WTF? Is Somerfield trying to take advantage of people who are might buy the healthier option no matter what the price?

PeaMcLean Wed 03-Sep-08 20:56:47

You know, I'm so boring I've checked Tesco for you grin


I find the prices do go up though in "convenience stores"

TheArmadillo Wed 03-Sep-08 21:03:21

wow that is unbelievable.

asda easy cook brown rice (1kg) = 89p

However they charge £2.19 for the Tilda stuff (500g).

Surely brown rice is cheaper as needs less processing.

Shop elsewhere next time.

mamhaf Wed 03-Sep-08 21:12:59

At least they had other options, even if they were all white rice.

Our local Tesco Express now only sells top-of-the-range everything although it started off selling value stuff.

So the cheapest toothpaste is almost £4; they only sell "finest" pizzas; no own-brand painkillers, only the more expensive and branded ones.

It's taking advantage of the time-poor and disorganised shoppers like me!

TheArmadillo Wed 03-Sep-08 21:17:35

our tesco express is the same.

Every time a cheaper item starts selling really well they replace it with the more expensive branded version. And it's more expensive than a standard tescos.

It's always out of stock of stuff.

Queues stretch out the door - and they'll have half the tills closed with the staff wandering round the store instead.

I try to avoid it - but it's the only one to get to in a rush.

I fucking hate tesco.

mamhaf Wed 03-Sep-08 21:21:55

I'm trying a Tesco diet - hence calling into Somerfield instead.

We get our meat and veg from the local farm shop and as much basic stuff as possible from Aldi or Lidl - but they don't sell brown rice for instance, so we still need to pick up stuff at one of the bigger supermarkets. I hate Tesco too - and their petrol makes my car judder. But it seems Somerfield isn't any better.

TheArmadillo Wed 03-Sep-08 21:26:00

somerfield ime is comparitively more expensive than other supermarkets and not any better quality for it. I think some of their products are actually quite poor in quality compared to other supermarkets. Range of products tends to be really poor as well.

I think they're crap personally.

Could you get online shop if only going for a few things?

mamhaf Wed 03-Sep-08 22:21:17

Online shop doesn't help if dh has just phoned to say we're out of rice and need some for evening meal, could I pick some up on way home.

The real answer is to forward plan's not the end of the world to forget a few things I then need to pick up, but it did make me cross at the rip-off.

TheSmallClanger Wed 03-Sep-08 22:23:22

It is a rip-off. Somerfield are rubbish - I thought they'd all disappeared now?

If you've got an international food store near you, they often have very good value rice you can buy in big bags.

Washersaurus Wed 03-Sep-08 22:29:56

I hate somerfield too - they are vastly overpriced and the staff and customers (in our local store anyway) are pig thick and rude.

I only pop in there when desperate for an item not available in Lidl.

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