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Cappuccino Tue 02-Sep-08 17:37:12

really you are all asking for high blood pressure

someone pisses you off and you come on here and post about it and everyone gets themselves into a right state for a couple of hours

just complain, take some deep breaths, and move on

really everyone is on the fast track to some kind of stress related disorder



your resident yoga weirdy xxx

donnie Tue 02-Sep-08 17:37:42

fags and alcohol works for me.

Lizzylou Tue 02-Sep-08 17:38:55

FFS, I start one thread in a rage of PMT hormones and now this!!!!!

Donnie, I'm all for that wink

Am so over it

FluffyMummy123 Tue 02-Sep-08 17:39:11

Message withdrawn

Cappuccino Tue 02-Sep-08 17:39:27

not just you lizzy

the whole damn lot of you

Lizzylou Tue 02-Sep-08 17:40:01

I know, was attempting humour, think my safari joint has messed with my head.

Cappuccino Tue 02-Sep-08 17:40:48

no links codlington

no revisiting old wounds


filthymindedvixen Tue 02-Sep-08 17:41:16

<<joins Capp, wafting some soothing incense and tinkling some of those indian bells>>

Close your eyes and let's all do some positive visualisation!

<<positively visualises Jonny Depp writhing energetcially on top of self....>>

Cappuccino Tue 02-Sep-08 17:47:51

hello filthy

btw I was reading a recipe of yours the other day while dh was in the kitchen. "Fab, filthy" I said, and dh stomped off thinking I was criticising him for not having a shower

"how the fuck was I to know you know someone called filthy" he quite reasonably pointed out

shatteredmumsrus Tue 02-Sep-08 17:47:54

Sometimes I cant make head nor tail about what some of you are on about!

filthymindedvixen Tue 02-Sep-08 17:50:40

lol capp - which recipe? And did you cook it? And was it scrumptious?

It's a miracle if i actually wrote a recpe which works as I tend to be 'creative' in the kitchen so all quantities can be assumed to be, er, guidelines rather than rules. Unless it was a cake. Which is different.

It's wierd how i don't mind being called filthy at all. But when people call me 'vixen' I squirm.

expatinscotland Tue 02-Sep-08 17:54:37

i don't get into a right state, though, over a net forum. and i often poke fun at those who do.

Cappuccino Tue 02-Sep-08 17:55:42

no you are let off expat

you are excused

I have never associated 'righteous indignation' with your posts and they are all the better for it

Cappuccino Tue 02-Sep-08 17:57:09

those bells are fab filth

bring all your attention, all your awareness to your body

VictorianSqualor Tue 02-Sep-08 18:01:58

Safari joint lizzy?
You been smoking them lions again?

You could look at it one way Capp, those who are getting high BP are actually making many of us laugh our little socks off, therefore helping do de-stress, and lowering the BP.wink

mumoverseas Tue 02-Sep-08 18:08:24

can i just have a quick whinge about Carpetright who have been mucking me around the last month since I ordered my carpet! supposed to be fitted today, they confirmed this yesterday and then last night phoned and said they haven't got the carpet!
not normally I problem I know, but the furniture arrives thursday and I leave the country next Tuesday til xmas! aaagghhh!

right! rant over. thanks!

Cappuccino Tue 02-Sep-08 18:14:11

did this really strike you as a rant thread?

go in the corner and chant, girly

asicsgirl Tue 02-Sep-08 18:19:11

some people need a good rant to relax properly. mumoverseas is now positively reeking good humour

DontlookatmeImshy Tue 02-Sep-08 18:34:17


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