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To want to go to Ikea for my birthday?

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morningpaper Tue 02-Sep-08 08:16:47

DH is taking the day off with the children so I can do whatever I like

But I want to go to Ikea - haven't been for over two years because DD2 is car-screaming-phobic and it's an hour's drive away

I have two mummy-friends who will also come for some birthday meatballs while we ponder the cake tins


Buda Tue 02-Sep-08 08:18:22

No - not THAT sad! I used to drive 4 hours to get to IKEA in Greece when we lived in Bulgaria!

onebatmother Tue 02-Sep-08 08:18:53

It's eminently reasonable.
Have hot dogs too. One can't have too much of Swedish processed meat products imho.

onebatmother Tue 02-Sep-08 08:19:56

Buda - border-crossing is rather hardcore. I am impressed.

morningpaper Tue 02-Sep-08 08:20:24

Yes I won't actually need a PASSPORT

mrsmalumbas Tue 02-Sep-08 08:21:28

No that's not sad at all - it's my birthday coming up too and I'd LOVE a mooch round IKEA (my nearest is also a good hour away). I can't see my DH taking the kids for a day, though.

Perfectly resonable imo.

But I am Ikea addict.

Dp took me for valentines day this year. grin

belgo Tue 02-Sep-08 08:23:42

grin this is making me laugh - dh's birthday is coming up and we plan on going to Ikea - because we very rarely get the chance to go there without children (it's a nightmare with children)! and we both adore the meatballs and chocolate mousse! And of course the Ikea in Belgium serves rather nice wine!

Gateau Tue 02-Sep-08 08:27:31

I think that's sad. If I had a day to myself I would much rather have a decadent lunch and a glass of wine with the girls than trawl round Ikea. But each to their own. I only go to Ikea out of necessity; it's such a chore! The furniture is crap as well IMO, but it's good for stuff like cake tins and storage stuff.
But enjoy your day.

Swedes Tue 02-Sep-08 08:34:15

grin at this thread.

lycklig födelsedag

morningpaper Tue 02-Sep-08 08:34:15

We are taking the children out to Pizza Express post-school and most of my friends either have children or are at work as it is a Monday - don't fancy a lunch with DH and the 2 year old three hours before Pizza Express...

And yes of course it is crap but it is CHEAP crap and believe me I have exhausted the Argos catalogue grin

Imagine being able to put ALL the car seats down and stuff the car with Lack tables to replace the ones that are covered with scribble!

wonderstuff Tue 02-Sep-08 08:38:43

When I read the title I thought barking, but ikea with out dcs and dh sounds quite nice smile

maidamess Tue 02-Sep-08 08:41:14

I think it sounds divine.

You can meander round the store, cooing over things, picking them up, putting them back down again ,without a surly dh chuntering "What do you want one of them for?"

Relaxed shopping with girlfriends is good for the soul.

procrastinatingparent Tue 02-Sep-08 08:41:41

blush this would be my idea of a birthday treat too, MP. Mind you, even the thought of going to Tesco on my own gets me wildly excited these days...

maidamess Tue 02-Sep-08 08:42:34

Me and my friend sometimes go on a moonlit mission, leaving sans children about 830, again with the seats folded down. We don't get back until past midnight. Its great!

onebatmother Tue 02-Sep-08 08:42:45

she's so cultured, that Swedes, isn't she?

morningpaper Tue 02-Sep-08 08:43:42

I have considered a moonlit mission but think I would be too lazy knackered

I love the idea of BROWSING without children jumping on teh sofas and whining

midnightexpress Tue 02-Sep-08 08:44:58

It is both eminently reasnable and deeply sad.

Happy birthday btw.

maidamess Tue 02-Sep-08 08:45:23

Yes, men and children don't do browsing, do they?

I LOVE browsing.

Gateau Tue 02-Sep-08 08:46:19

I don't like shopping that much at all, particularly with other people. I think it's SOULLESS.
I prefer to have a nice lunch somewhere or go out somewhere remote, away from it all, for a good walk.
But there's no accounting for taste!

midnightexpress Tue 02-Sep-08 08:47:45

BTW, I went last week with the children and they were mesmerised by the 'we test these drawers and cupboards 6 squillion times' display with a mechanical opening and shutting kitchen unit. I parked them in the trolley in front of it and they sat entranced while I mooched round looking at the inside of cupboards and measuring worksurfaces.

hana Tue 02-Sep-08 08:49:36

gateax, you've said that already

morningpaper - sounds like a great idea. Your friends will jump at the chance to be childless/husbandless in Ikea for a few hours!

Portofino Tue 02-Sep-08 08:50:00

I live literally 5 mins from Ikea. It's been known that we go for a family lunch, followed by icecream whilst dd runs round the playground, and without any intention of actually BUYING anything. Absolute bargain - steak and chips,, meat balls and chicken nuggets for about 20 euros. Belgo, I expect they have now steam cleaned the ball pit in Smalland wink

mrspnut Tue 02-Sep-08 08:51:36

I went for Mother's day I said that it was my day and I was choosing where I was going and the family weren't allowed to say a word. wink

morningpaper Tue 02-Sep-08 08:54:17

Going somewhere remote for lunch and a walk by myself sounds rather monastic though, doesn't it?

It is not for about two months blush but I have to plan heavily because me and the DD's all have our birthdays in the same week

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