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Ridiculous graphics accompanying news stories...AAAGGHHH

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LittlePushka Sun 31-Aug-08 22:50:24

Am I alone in thinking that the BBC has reached an all time low in its news presentation? Why do sories have to be accompanied by whizzy diagrams and grahics that add nothing to the comprehension of the story?

ueg. I have jst seen a very brief item on the millionaire fire stating that an unknown male body has also been founf. It was accompanied by a silouette of a mans head with a quetionmark in it. How frankly insulting to the mass populaion who watch the news.

melbob Sun 31-Aug-08 22:58:30

Hear hear. Also the need to go to venues just for the sake of it. Like anything vaguely royal Nicholas Witchell stands outside Buck Palace in the dark no lights on or flag so obviously no one there.

oops Sun 31-Aug-08 23:05:15

Message withdrawn

BoysAreLikeDogs Sun 31-Aug-08 23:07:23

yy, and that wierd sssssssssssssssht sound when they zoom in on Google maps does me head in. Grrrr

LittlePushka Sun 31-Aug-08 23:09:03

No,...what is broken news?

Oh yes and the dreadfully theatrical weather forecasters who do oscar winning sweeps when fronts pass over or flick their wrists for rain.

Just tell me what the weather will be, I can see the map and I can put those two bits of information together.... grrrr

oops Sun 31-Aug-08 23:11:56

Message withdrawn

Boco Sun 31-Aug-08 23:13:59

And The Day Today too. Am amazed at how regular news is becoming more Chris Morris instead of less with all the pointless graphics.

piratecat Sun 31-Aug-08 23:14:45

anyone remember The DaY Today, benchmark for Alan Partridge!! Not forgetting of course Chris Morris. It totaly took the piss out of tv graphics. ooh about teny rs back now. The of course there was Brass Eye.

oops Sun 31-Aug-08 23:15:40

Message withdrawn

combustiblelemon Sun 31-Aug-08 23:17:41

Broken News

oops Sun 31-Aug-08 23:18:01

Message withdrawn

LittlePushka Sun 31-Aug-08 23:18:51

BB must get some 15 year old geek to do it because the spelling is often wrong... now I know that ours is not alwaysgreat on MN,..but we are tappng away in a chat room not broadcasting further information for further clarity for the nation.

LittlePushka Sun 31-Aug-08 23:22:46

And also, whilst I am on this rant, why do the presenters have to walk about the set with a huge screen behind them? (Usually displaying all those barmy graphics...

OhAlso, when item relates to housing slump we get shots of estate agents boards, yawn!

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